I’m only about 5 years late in getting an iphone, but now I have my 3GS i’ve been keenly scowering the apple apps store for free apps, and inparticular free photography related apps.   Its not the most powerful camera attached to my phone, so any help in making my pics look a little better is welcomed.  Also keeping my social media accounts up to date is pretty important too. There’s quite a bit of dross out there, but the below I quite like …

1.  Instagram

 instagram The most popular free photography app I’ve come across so far.  Instagram offers a number of different filters and border effects that can be applied to all your new and old photos stored on your iphone.  Your instagram account can then be linked to facebook and twitter so that those images can be shared.  Your Instagram account can also be linked to Klout.


2.  Twitpic

 twitpic Gets your iphone pics on twitter, simples.


3.  360 Panorama

 360 panorama I love this app.  You have to have a steady hand, but the app allows you to take glorious panoramic images simply by pressing play, slowly scrolling your iphone from one direction to another, and then pressing stop.  The end result may need a bit of a crop (see number 5 in this list), but I think the results are still awesome!


4.  Pixlromatic

 pixelromatic Pretty much the same as Instagram, but allows you to add funky lense flare type effects too.


5.  PS Express (photoshop)

 psExpress Photoshop express contains most of the basics you’ll need to sharpen or adjust any images captured on your iphone.  Can be a bit fiddly, but a good solid app none the less.  An upgrade is available if you’re willing to part with your hard earned cash.  Question is, how much editing are you going to do on such low rez images?