Festival season is just around the corner, simely face.  Tickets are slowly going on sale to eager punters and dirty ticket touts (I hate you touts), both of whom are crashing endless websites with their demand.  Have you got your tickets?  Did you make sure you got them from an official supplier? … good, you did.  We dont you getting ripped off now do we.

So what tickets did you invest in?  V Festival Tickets?  Wireless Festival?  Reading?  Leeds?  Whichever you picked i’m sure you’ll have an amazing time.  I love a good festival me, but maybe that’s because I now know what to expect.  Whilst the music and other acts are always amazing, camping in noisy, drunken, muddy, smelly fields isn’t for everyone.   But, if you are willing to take on the fields and fields of tents, mud and drunken ravers, here’s my guide on the essentials that you’ll be needing to take with you …

1. Wellies/Wellington Bootsuk festivals, SW4

Even in the summer months, rain is never far away in the Britain.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the images of a muddy, bogged out Glastonbury.  Some people love it and spend the day diving around in the mud, other just want to get to the different stages and enjoy the acts.   Unless you are one of the few who wants to spend the majority of their time in the mud, take some willies.  If you wait until you get to the festival site before purchasing a pair, expect them to be mega expensive.  Buy before your travel.

2. Baby wipes

Few showers exist at British festivals, and the ones that do aren’t exactly spa like.  Hot water is pretty limited and in general their just not very nice.  My advice, take packets and packets of baby wipes and wash each day using these.  Would won’t ever feel totally clean, but they do a good job at making you feel fresher and slightly less minging.

3. Aspirin

For the inevitable hangovers.  Again, take them with you rather than waiting to buy them on site.

4. A padlock

Each time you leave your tent, lock it!  There might be a friendly atmosphere at most of the Birtish festivals, but that doesn’t mean that they’re crime free.  Thieves operate at these types of events, and prey on the naive.  Lock your tent and keep you shit safe.  A combination lock works best as it has no key to lose in the mud.

5. Toilet roll

So very very very important and potentially more valuable than gold within the boundaries of a festival site.  Dont expect this to be supplied in great quantities by the festival organizers.  Bring your own or take an Imodium.  Those two are pretty much your only viable options.

uk festivals, SW4