Black Moon Parties, whats the deal?  Why do people only seem to care for and blog about Full Moon Parties?  Ok so they’re usually on a larger scale, but seriously whats wrong with their less illuminated counter-part?

I have never been to a Full Moon Party <<SHOCK>> <<HORROR>> …

I know right, I must be pretty much the only travel blogger never to have attended one, but that’s not to say I haven’t been to Koh Phangan, I have, and when I was there I went to a Black Moon Party.  EPIC!

Differences – Full Moon and Black Moon Parties

The major difference between the two (besides the lack of moon) is the scale, location and vibe …

Full Moonn Parties

A Full Moon Party typically takes place on Haadrin beach where roughly 10,000+ party goers are free to drink as much whisky and red bull as they please, paint each other with fluro paint, lose their flip flops, dance to a mix of dubstep, electro and techno, piss in the sea and then later swim in the sea … that last bit is probably more likely to be lads than chicks though.  The vibe is generally ‘get wasted and do stoopid shit’.

 Full Moon Party Feb. 2012 in Koh Phangan, ThailandPhoto Credit –

Black Moon Parties

A Black Moon Party also takes place on a beach, but 8km away from Haad Rin, on a beach called Baan Tai (see map below).  The beach is much smaller and caters for a more hippy, psychedelic techno crowd.  Whilst you may hear some main stream beats at the full moon party from a variety of DJs, the black moon party is an all our techno fest with just a single DJ stand smothered with fluorescent art and design.

You could probably expect up to 1000 people at a modern day Black Moon Party, they are getting bigger in size, but are still some way behind the other moon themed parties on Koh Phangan.


Our Black Moon Experience

When I attended a Black Moon Party back in 2010 with a couple of mates, it was admittedly a little different to what I just described above, for our party took place in the middle of a forest and went a little bit like this …

1.  We have a drink at the hostel, dance on tables and coat ourselves in fluro paint.

Black moon party

2.  We buy wrist bands which include both entry to the party and a return transfer.

3.  We board our mode of transport and try not to throw up as we navigate the windy roads of KPN

5.  We arrive at the party, lanterns and trippy fluorescent artwork shows us the way through the entrance and to the main bar area.  The venue is a bowl shape with two levels.  The upper level was a bar area and with ramps leading down to the inner circle dance floor area.  The DJ booth looms large, overhanging the dance floor in huge pyramid shape.

6.  We PARTY

Black moon parties, Thailand

Black moon parties, Thailand

7.  After 6 hours of all the black moon party we can handle, we locate our transport back to the hostel.  We have precisely 2 hours before we need to catch a boat back to Koa Samaui at.  We make it … Just.  But I look like this at the end of it all.  OUCH!

Black moon party effects

Getting to a Black Moon party

If you are staying down at Haad Rin Beach you’ll need to grab a taxi.  Bann Tai and The Black Moon Party is about 8 km.  The cabbies aren’t silly though, they’ll be around all hours looking to pick up fares, so you shouldn’t have too many problems.

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Fancy heading to a Black Moon Party?

Are you heading to Thailand and fancy checking out a Black Moon Party?

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