WordPress plugins can be an integral part of your travel blog … if you use the WordPress platform obviously.  Allowing you to add certain functi[...]
Adding a Google+ button to sharebar, and a Pin it button too, is pretty much essential when setting up your wordpress plugin.  They do not come as sta[...]
It is June 2012 and by my reckoning that makes this wordpress travel blog about a year old.  One yeah in which I’ve learnt so much … blah [...]
I am no blogging expert, that much is at times painfully clear, but having been in the travel blogging game for a year or so now, I find the below are[...]
youtube on top of drop down menu
Writing a wordpress travel blog is one thing, but getting all the tech to work in the way you want it to can be (usually is) a pain in the back side. [...]
wordpress html
Onto part 2 of this mini series.  In part 1 I covered the html behind images and hyperlinks.  This part 2 will cover just a few of the basic word form[...]
wordpress html
I looove wordpress, I think it’s a great blogging platform and the fact that its free (minus the cost of hosting and a domain) makes it even greater. [...]
I must have seriously f*cked up in a past life.  I mean we’re talking about drop kicking a new born puppy off a 40ft cliff and into a dark fores[...]
I like plugins, they are fun and offer me shiny things for my site, not too many of them though otherwise my wordpress site will be slooooooww, which [...]
2011 saw me create www.backpacksandbunkbeds.co.uk, the site you are currently reading. I’d been messing around with websites for 18 months or so prior[...]

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