London to Venice by train [VIDEO]

By | June 4th, 2015|Italy, Video|

London to Venice by train? With no luggage? No luggage no problem? No, not exactly, there were definitely a few mini problems that came about through having 'lost' my luggage, but on the whole my journey from London to Venice by train with no luggage was still a lot of fun. Last week I bought [...]

A mini survival guide to sleeper trains

By | May 21st, 2015|Travel tips|

Sleeper trains, they're great, but can be hard work.  But if I'm honest, while I may have had trouble actually sleeping on them in the past, the effort was worth it, as there's nothing quite like waking up and watching the sunrise from a locomotive racing through an incredible landscape. A learned a trick a [...]

Photo Essay: 4 weeks of InterRailing around Europe

By | February 24th, 2012|Austria, Czech Rep, Germany, Hungary, Photographic Inspiration|

In the spring of 2010, whilst I was still 25 (just), I used up a great chunk of my annual leave from work to go inter-railing around parts of Europe. Annual leave well taken! The significance of being 25 at the time was that my age meant I was still eligable for a youth ticket, [...]

How to behave on the London Underground.

By | January 23rd, 2012|Random/Funnies|

As fares rise AGAIN in 2012, the London underground is obviously the place to be. The most luxurious and time efficient transport system in the world will have you whizzing around England’s capital city of London in no time at all, and all for just a teeny tiny fortune ... per day. It’s a place [...]

Surviving long haul journeys

By | July 4th, 2011|Travel, Travel tips|

I’m large, fact! I’m 6ft 2’ and have a waistline that seems to have a prolonged bloatedness about it. This combo does not bode well when in transit for long periods of time. If I have too long to think about how uncomfortable I am I can start to go slightly mad. That’s why whenever [...]