Tech Review: The Upp fuel cell technology charger (clean energy)

By | November 28th, 2014|Reviews, Technology, Travel Tech|

We all the know the pain of our beloved smart phones rapidly running out of battery, just when we need them most.  We try hacks to keep them alive for just a minute or two longer, such as switching to airplane mode.  We try installing apps to make the battery last longer, adjust the lighting [...]

Review: TEP Portable Wifi Devices

By | August 1st, 2014|Reviews, Technology, Travel Blogging, Travel Tech|

Ah wifi, a travel bloggers best friend, enter TEP. Even as a part time blogger, being able to connect to the internet and share my experiences online is essential.  But even before I can start sharing experiences, I need to be able to reach my intended destination, and that requires the checking of flight times, buses, [...]