A Comic Strip Mural Tour Of Brussels (Self Guided)

By | March 7th, 2016|Belgium|

Of course you don't HAVE to do a self guided Comic Strip Mural Tour Of Brussels, you could of course take an organised tour, but a self guided tour is actually very easy, and a lot of fun!  In between taking in everything else Brussels has to offer i.e. food, Belgian beer, history, architecture and [...]

An East London Street Art Tour

By | March 5th, 2014|Photographic Inspiration, What to do in London|

Avoiding the tube strikes was a minor miracle, avoiding the floods was other worldly. We could not escape the wind and rain however, and so upon exiting Liverpool Street station it was hold onto your hats, umbrellas and any other lose items you may have on your person at the time.  Ah springtime in London, [...]