Wherever you live on the planet, the idea of travelling to South Africa can appear to be frighteningly expensive. Add accommodation to the mix and the[...]
Volunteer accommodation can range between all sorts of property types and standards. I suppose where you end up resting your head each night can depen[...]
travel blogger interviews
I’ve seen a number of posts over the last 12 months on travelling as a couple, for the majority they’re good articles offering advice on h[...]
Lance Aux Epines
Fresh from failing to seal the deal on a 2 night trip to Barcelona with easyJet (i’m not bitter honest), the orange airline have launched a grea[...]
Bungee Jumping or Sky diving, which is it to be?  Both maybe? So we save and we save and we save to go travelling, the 9-5, the unsociable hours, the [...]
table mountain
In 2005 when I landed in Cape Town, despite having strained ankle ligaments I decided that Table Mountain would be a good idea. It wasnt the longest c[...]
Once my volunteer project was over and people started heading home i decided I didn’t want to. Instead I changed my flight and booked myself on the Ba[...]
volunteer south africa
21 and having never left my parents home for any length of time, I knew something wasn’t right.  The buzz of turning 18 and being able to go out drink[...]
ja ela, sri lanka
Volunteering can be quite expensive, it looks great on your CV and promises to get you as close to living in a local community as possible, but prices[...]

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