An interview with Laura from @SEA_Backpacker

By | January 27th, 2012|Blogger Interviews|

The SOUTH EAST ASIA BACKPACKER magazine is a bi-monthly (every 2 months), around 20,000 copies are distributed all around southeast Asia in hostels, restaurants etc.  This week I was lucky enough to catch up with Laura from SEABackpacker and she was kinda enough to answer my usual set of questions (thanks Laura), and here's what she [...]

A travel industry interview with Max Letek from @Best_Bunk_Beds

By | January 6th, 2012|Industry Interviews|

So for the first interview of 2012 we're going to kick off with something a little different.  Everyone meet Max, he's not a travel blogger as such, he's the fella who provides the bunks you sleep your way around the world in.  He's also the man I shall be pitching my ultimate bunkbed design to [...]

An interview with @raghavmodi from Travelingticker

By | December 5th, 2011|Blogger Interviews|

Wow, up to number 8 now with this travel blogger interview series.  This time its the turn of Raghav who contacted me this past week, just when I was wondering where the next interview would come from.  Impecable timing! Raghav has provided some great answers (i too got scared at Disney World), but I especially [...]

An interview with @girlandtheworld

By | November 21st, 2011|Blogger Interviews|

This weeks TBI comes from one of the first people I met when I set off RTW in 2006.  She's an absolute legend!  Everyone, meet Natalie.  Nat's been blogging about her adventures for quite some time, but is now stepping up her game so you should see a few more of her blog entries moving forward.  [...]

An interview with @shivya from The Shooting Star

By | November 16th, 2011|Blogger Interviews|

TBI number Six. This time its the turn of Shivya who contacted me via twitter this past week. Here's her answers to my usual bunch of questions ... HI, AND WHO MIGHT YOU BE? 1. Name? Shivya Nath 2. Age? 23 3. Twitter Handle? @shivya 4. URL? 5. Home Town? A small valley at [...]

An interview with @alibaverstock from

By | November 11th, 2011|Blogger Interviews|

Numero 5, Yet another travel blogger interview for you, this time from Alasdair who kindly contacted me by email this past week. Here's what Alasdair had to say in response to my travel and random questions ... HI, AND WHO MIGHT YOU BE? 1.  Name: Alasdair Baverstock 2.  Age: 23 3.  Twitter Handle: @alibaverstock 4. [...]

An interview with Will from @myspanishadventure

By | November 4th, 2011|Blogger Interviews|

Round 4.  Getting through these now but I have changed a couple of the questions, hopefully making the interview a little stronger. So, who's the victim this time? ... Everyone meet Will from from gap year specialists Gap Daemon.  In record time Will has kindly answered my list of travel related questions, so lets see what he had to say [...]

An interview with Monica from

By | October 24th, 2011|Blogger Interviews|

Round 3. Everyone meet Monica from She's kindly agreed to answer my list of travel related questions. Lets get to know Monica a little bit, get reading ... Hi, and who are you? 1.  Name: Monica Stott 2.  Age: 24 3.  Twitter Handle: @TheTravelHack + Facebook Page 4.  URL: 5.  Home Town: Originally [...]

An interview with Jerick from

By | October 5th, 2011|Blogger Interviews|

Ding ding, seconds out, round 2.  Everyone meet Jerick from  Jerick has kindly agreed to be a part of my Travel Blogger Interview series where I get to meet and question a few fellow (cool) travel bloggers and try learn a few things from them and their experiences.  He're what Jerick has to say ... Hi, and who [...]

An interview with Adam from

By | September 22nd, 2011|Blogger Interviews|

Welcome, to the new interview section of my site. I know I know, its kind of a weak category name, TBI's almost sounds like a disease, but its the content that matters right?  I've wanted to start an interview segment on my site for a while as I feel its quite a good way for travel bloggers to get [...]