Harry Potter Studio Tour

By | July 11th, 2012|England, What to do in London|

So last week I went on the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  Awesome!  It's well documented that i'm a bit of a nerd.  Is it right for a 28 year old man to like Harry Potter? ... maybe not, but I do so well erm ... huffletuff. So I should probably give fair warning here.  **Spoiler [...]

An interview with @raghavmodi from Travelingticker

By | December 5th, 2011|Blogger Interviews|

Wow, up to number 8 now with this travel blogger interview series.  This time its the turn of Raghav who contacted me this past week, just when I was wondering where the next interview would come from.  Impecable timing! Raghav has provided some great answers (i too got scared at Disney World), but I especially [...]