Drive in Cinema London
Ha!  … and she actually thought I was taking her shopping.  An evening of shopping just after payday? Not a chance!  I wasn’t been mean th[...]
Avoiding the tube strikes was a minor miracle, avoiding the floods was other worldly. We could not escape the wind and rain however, and so upon exiti[...]
Combine travel bloggers, a few cocktails, the theme of Lapland, plus a crash course in ice sculpting and what do you get?  Polar bears … and the[...]
Its not that I’m afraid of heights, I’m just not their biggest fan.  As the rotary blades spun at what seemed like a million miles an hour[...]
London Street Art by Stik
Lets Stik together hey?  London is a place of many people, many cultures and many beliefs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all get along ri[...]
Aladin's curry house
I like food, a lot.  I’m also quite fond of London.  Therefore you would imagine that combining the two would prove a most satisfactory way to s[...]
Holi Festival London
3 … 2 … 1 … COLOOOOOOOOUR! Screams the MC as everyone of us in the 15k strong crowd goes wild and launches a rainbow into the London[...]
“Looks at all these nerds” Screams a young hobbit and he and his hairy feet scurry past my friend and I into a sea of other beings not of [...]
Ealing Jazz Festival
The Ealing Jazz Festival is just one of numerous festival that have taken/are taking place in London this summer.  It may not be the best known of the[...]
Anniversary Games
London 2012 was incredible, simple as.  The Olympic and Paralympic games created an atmosphere within London the likes of which I have never experienc[...]

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