2011 in summary, and what 2012 may hold in store.

By | December 30th, 2011|Photographic Inspiration, Travel|

For someone who works the 9-5 I think I do ok in terms of seeing new parts of the globe each year.  Lucky for me that the company I work for lets me buy extra holiday too, so instead of 25 days annual leave, this year I had 35 days.  The royal wedding also afforded [...]

The cost of a weekend in Riga (to my wallet and my health)

By | October 12th, 2011|Latvia, Travel Diary|

So what is the cost of a weekend in Riga?  ... and why Riga in the first place? In spring of 2010 I set out to explore Europe by train. Over the course of a month I made it to Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg, Munich and then back to Prague again after a Volcanic [...]