Clink78 courtroom
Staying in a hostel for the night, when I live in the same city?  … yep, guilty.  But with good reason. So to a couple of weeks ago, where I had[...]
Are you a Top Bunk W*nker? Excuse the profanity, I wouldn’t normally use such a crude opening line to a post, but having just returned from the [...]
Hostel bunk
Well that was different, and not entirely what I was expecting, or prepared for.  First off I was expecting snow, of which there was none, and secondl[...]
Say what you see.  This post is simply going to investigate those tough and awkward situations that often rear their fugly heads when sharing a hostel[...]
If you dont already know, in just a few days I’m off to explore Laos and Cambodia, two countries I should have visited a long time ago on my gap[...]
travel blogger interviews
‘Am i cool enough to be interviewed?’ she asked over an email … of course she bloody well is, she a backpacker and has recently been[...]
travel blogger interviews
Uh oh, here comes trouble. Well you’ve all probably spoken to Becki either on twitter or at a London blogger meet-up, she’s a erm … [...]
travel blogger interviews
Fresh from a wee (see what i did there, wee … scotland … never mind) trip around Australia, Emma from emmastraveltales.com was nice enough[...]
road trip to northern ireland and ireland
So thats the Ireland roadtrip all done with. 9 Amazing days and a lot of miles covered within that time, but every one totally worth it.  There were a[...]
Day 6-9 Mini Summary: Day 6 – Drive from Galway to Limerick via the cliffs of Moher –  It was a fairly straight forward coastal drive in t[...]

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