Hogwarts Express
The Glenfinnan Viaduct shows the way to Hogwarts.  This iconic stretch of Scottish Railway is 100% real, no CG effect here, and ff the train track the[...]
ONE AT A TIME FATTY! The bathroom scales scream at me in utter agony as I gingerly lower just one chocolate and turkey filled toe of my ever expanding[...]
Travel Blogger Interview
Another interview scarily accurate to how mine would read if I ever answered my own questions this week … well the RANDOM section at least.  Thr[...]
So last week I went on the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  Awesome!  It’s well documented that i’m a bit of a nerd.  Is it right for a 28 year [...]
They’re not exactly hidden, but how these escape the oh so common ‘top 10 free/cheap things to do when in London’ type blog posts is beyond me.  Being[...]
Edinburgh Castle
For her 30th birthday, I decided to take the girlfriend away for the weekend.  The chosen destination was Edinburgh, Scotland.  Only an hours flight f[...]

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