Slieve League, Donegal – The highest sea cliffs in Europe

Slieve league hosts the highest sea cliffs in Europe.  Whilst the Cliffs of Moher further south in Country Clare take much of the cliff admiration afforded my visitors to Ireland, Slieve League in County Donegal located on the Atlantic stand almost 3x higher, at roughly 1972ft … pretty tall!

It was only by luck that I […]

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Capture the Colour Photo Contest Entry

I’m quite a big fan of these ‘my best of, pass it on posts’ that seem to pop up every now and then, but when they do pop up I always wonder if each is going to be the last one, surely there’s only so many of them that cant do the rounds .. wrong! […]

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Ireland Roadtrip Summary: Cost and Mileage

So thats the Ireland roadtrip all done with. 9 Amazing days and a lot of miles covered within that time, but every one totally worth it.  There were a few places we planned to visit that we never quite made it to, Westport for example we had to skip, but it looks amazing so maybe we’ll […]

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Cliffs of Moher

The cliffs of Moher are located in west Ireland, stretching along County Claire’s Atlantic Coast.  At their highest they stand 214m tall and stretch for roughly 8Km along the coastline.  The site has been awarded the prestigious designation of membership of the UNESCO supported Global Geopark network.

We visited the cliffs on day 6 of our […]

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Ireland Roadtrip: Days 6-9 – Galway to Limerick and Newcastle West

Day 6-9 Mini Summary:
Day 6 – Drive from Galway to Limerick via the cliffs of Moher –  It was a fairly straight forward coastal drive in the sunshine.  The cliffs were well sign posted, but there were lots of big ass coaches on the road also, ferry tourists from Dublin and other such places.  To […]

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