Best of 2013
Not bad for an office bod.  Despite spending a large portion of my year sitting at a desk in a freezing cold west London office block, travel over the[...]
Siem Reap and a tour of Angkor was the higlight of my time in Cambodia.  Whilst on my mini tour of Laos and Cambodia, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville jus[...]
The Otres Market
The Otres Market isnt really what I’d call a market.  Taking place each Saturday (seasonal) from 4pm onwards, the Otres Market is more of a musi[...]
Siem Reap to Bangkok
Siem Reap to Bangkok is quite a common route for backpackers travelling around South East Asia, but even so getting from one to the other can sometime[...]
Golden Mango, Siem Reap
Grab your sick buckets now because I warn you, this might get a wee bit mushy.  I am about to heap praise on one of the best guesthouses I’ve ev[...]
Footprints hostel, Otres Beach
Located on Otres 2 in Sihanoukville, the Footprints hostel is a place to base yourself for a few days of doing very little.  Rigid with fear after a h[...]
Laos and Cambodia, two totally awesome countries! Encase this is your first visit to my blog, or if you just haven’t passed through in a while, [...]
Bougainvillier Hotel Phnom Penh
So this is how the other half live, I get it now. I raise my head from my big fluffy pillow and cast and ear out … nope, no bag rustlers here, j[...]
Travel Blogger Interview
From city life to life on the road. Based upon my own experiences, and stories from my mates who work in the big city, I can fully appreciate why more[...]
travel blogger interviews
Uh oh, here comes trouble. Well you’ve all probably spoken to Becki either on twitter or at a London blogger meet-up, she’s a erm … [...]

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