A travel blogger interview with @bckbackerbanter

By | July 23rd, 2012|Blogger Interviews|

I'm jealous of most other bloggers travels, but there's one or two that i'm insanely jealous of ... to the point where I sometimes consider blocking them on twitter, just so that I dont have to watch as they embark on epic adventures whilst I generally stare at a computer screen from 9-5 each day and work [...]

Australia 2009

By | January 9th, 2010|Australia, Travel, Travel Diary|

Ah, back in Sydney, my most favourite city in the world!  24 hours on a plane had actually gone quite quickly and wasn’t half as leg crushingly painful as I expected it to be.  BA were excellent!  A quick stop where Dan could have a fag was a welcome back straightener, but all in all [...]

Australia pt6 – Byron Bay to Surfers Paradise

By | February 28th, 2007|Australia, Travel|

Hey! Another shortish post for you. Just spent three days in Surfers ... pretty cool place. Heard from more than a few people that it was s*** but as advised by Nick (good shout mate) had a couple of really cool days there. Yeah so it was a cool place, but my time there could [...]

Australia pt5 – Sydney to Byron Bay

By | February 26th, 2007|Australia, Travel|

Hey everyone, hows it going? Just a short (ish) post for you today. As you've probably guessed, i've now left Sydney, and this time its for good. After saying goodbye to my meal ticket (thought you'd like that mum) I boarded the OZ experience bus which will, over time get me up to Cairns. We [...]