Chatuchak Market Bangkok – where two wrongs make a right

By | August 28th, 2013|Thailand|

Chatuchak Market - now that was an intense (but enjoyable) shopping experience. I’m not perfect when it comes to travel, I make mistakes. Whilst I’m left to organise holidays and trips with friends because I enjoy the organisation and planning part, in practice it doesn’t always work out 100% as I intended. In April of [...]

Bangkok to Vientiane by train (including cost)

By | July 15th, 2013|Laos, Thailand|

Bangkok to Vientiane by train, how does that work then? Taking the train(s) from Bangkok to Vientiane was one of my favourite experiences from my mini tour of Laos and Cambodia.  It was pretty much the first thing I did on said tour, stepping off the plane and almost straight into our little cabin that [...]

Siem Reap to Bangkok via the Poipet border

By | May 29th, 2013|Cambodia, Thailand|

Siem Reap to Bangkok is quite a common route for backpackers travelling around South East Asia, but even so getting from one to the other can sometimes feel like a mission, a mountain, some other hideously big obstacle that at 4pm on a Friday my mind cannot think of.  We've all heard horror stories of 6 hours spent at [...]