Hostel life: Top or bottom bunk?

By |August 7th, 2014|

Are you a Top Bunk W*nker? Excuse the profanity, I wouldn't normally use such a crude opening line to a post, but having just returned from the cinema and having seen the new Inbetweeners movie trailer, my backpacking instincts tell me that 'Top Bunk W*anker' is a phase you're going to have to get used [...]

Post Mortem: How I fared with my return to solo travelling

By |February 19th, 2014|

Well that was different, and not entirely what I was expecting, or prepared for.  First off I was expecting snow, of which there was none, and secondly I was expecting a few like minded people, but they were few and far between.  In fact other backpackers and hostel dorm mates were generally in short supply, [...]

Announcing HostelBookers as our partner for Laos and Cambodia

By |April 1st, 2013|

If you dont already know, in just a few days I'm off to explore Laos and Cambodia, two countries I should have visited a long time ago on my gap year, but failed miserably. Well anyway, this Friday once the working day is done I shall be getting on a plane to Bangkok and setting [...]

A travel blogger interview with Dave of @acoupletravler

By |September 24th, 2012|

#RTW - seeing those four characters plastered over twitter every day is agony for the cubicle warriors amongst us who yearn to escape office life.  But, out there somewhere in the mist of all the number crunchers and IT bods are a few brave souls who have the bottle to jack it all in and just go [...]

Top 5 adventure activities on Australia’s east coast

By |September 19th, 2012|

Australia's east coast is a party mecca, but believe it or not, there is more to do than get your party on.  Yes the party scene is immense and yes you'll meet loads of wicked cool people (that's right I said wicked cool), but there's honestly other things you should be spending your hard earned saving on [...]

A Travel Blogger Interview with Caroline of @traveling9to5

By |August 20th, 2012|

If working the 9 to 5 is my nightmare (and actual reality), travelling 9 to 5 is the dream!  Typing this very sentence I sit in cubicle hell, hoping that my boss cant see that I'm doing something much more interesting than crunching numbers.  I appreciate I'm lucky to have a stable job, especially one [...]

A travel blogger interview with @waegook_tom

By |July 16th, 2012|

An #FF fiend and lover of foodporn fridays, today's interviewee is the awesome Tom, otherwise known as @waegook_tom.  He's the fella you want to speak to if you're at all interested in becoming an expat in Korea, maybe like Tom you want to go teach out there?  Anyway, Tom looks to be coming towards the [...]

The Houses of Parliament from the London Eye

By |July 4th, 2012|

Last night whilst strolling through London, the mrs surprised me with a couple of tickets for the London Eye. She's a catch that one! Sods law, middle of July and its lashing with rain, but even when wet the London skyline still looks spectacular. This is probably the best pic I took.   Here you [...]

Africa vs. South America – Where to Volunteer?

By |July 4th, 2012|

Having decided you want to do some volunteering overseas, you’re probably a thoughtful, responsible and caring person, and the idea of two continents fighting for your attention probably isn’t what you imagined. But that’s what’s happening here: South America vs. Africa, where should you go? They are the two most popular continents amongst young people [...]

An interview with @Chrystalclear_

By |July 2nd, 2012|

'Am i cool enough to be interviewed?' she asked over an email ... of course she bloody well is, she a backpacker and has recently been doing her thing and taking some amazing pictures all around the Balkans on an epic roadtrip.  She also hails from a town which might have the best name for [...]