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It’s pretty big! … the world that is.

I can’t say I’ve been everywhere, but travelling is my passion and I’ve been lucky enough to hit up a few cool spots.

Hi, and welcome to www.backpacksandbunkbeds.co.uk.  If you’re new here you’ve come to the right page, and even if you’re not new here you may still find this page of use.  So anyway, i’m Neil, hi! I’ve been travelling the globe on and off since 2005.  I now hold a steady job in London but am determined to show the world that having a job doesn’t mean you cannot travel.  I travel by all means too, backpacking, weekend breaks, roadtrips.  As you might have guessed from my site banner, this site started out purely as a backpacking resources, but times are a’ changing and so am I.  Trends in the industry and preferences in the way I travel mean that this blog has evolved into something more.

Outside of work and travel I’m addicted to cheese, football and technology … but that’s not why you’re here is it?  You’re here for some handy travel info.  Tips, tricks, money saving ideas, trip planning, working ideas etc.  Well don’t worry, I have your back!

*Incidental if you did want to know a bit more about me, check my About Me page, or my 30 facts for 30 years post.


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Simply scroll down, take a look at my travel map, zoom in, zoom out, and then click on a country that takes your fancy.  In some cases you may not be able to click through, as although I may have travelled to that country, I don’t actually have any posts written about it. Sorry about that!

Most countries highlighted on the map you will be able to click through on though, and on the next page will be all my stories, tips, budget reports etc from my own travels in that country.

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Budget Travel

Vilnius on a budget #TMS200

By | November 15th, 2016|Categories: Budget Travel, Lithuania|Tags: , |

Vilnius on a budget, you up for it? Wanting to prove that travel doesn't have to be expensive, I am not long back from the Baltic beauty that is Lithuania, having had a grand time [...]

The cost of 3 nights in Pula, Croatia

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The cost of 3 nights in Pula, it's been a long time coming this one.  In fact any kind of travel has felt like a long time coming.  The last time I left the country [...]

My tips for budgeting in an expensive city

By | January 4th, 2016|Categories: Budget Travel|

Budgeting, it's what I do. Not because I am poor, but just because I like getting value for money and HATE the thought of being in debt. However, on the travel front that does not [...]

Travel Tech

Review: TEP Portable Wifi Devices

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Ah wifi, a travel bloggers best friend, enter TEP. Even as a part time blogger, being able to connect to the internet and share my experiences online is essential.  But even before I can start sharing [...]

Lowe Alpine TT Roll On 40 Wheeled Backpack

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When flying hand luggage only, do you go for a rucksack or a wheely case?  As an *ahem strapping lad of some 6ft I am always of an opinion that I'll look somewhat silly with [...]

Olloclip Review

By | July 16th, 2013|Categories: Photography, Travel Tech|Tags: , |

I like taking photos with my iPhone (I have a 4s by the way) and am a regular poster on Instagram.  Whilst I've noticed a growing trend of Instagram accounts including photos shot with DLSRs, [...]

Hostel Life

ClinkNOORD – A new kind of social travel experience

By | September 29th, 2015|Categories: Holland, Hostel Life|Tags: , , , |

ClinkNOORD, now that's how you open a hostel! What a weekend! Confession --> Before last week I had never visited Amsterdam before. That's terrible I know, but to be honest I'd always foreseen that I would [...]

Hostel Life: 5 dorm mates I wouldn’t wish on anyone

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I can laugh about these experiences now, and I'm sure that in another place at another time, these people were great people, but as dorm mates at that exact place at that precise time they [...]

Hostel Life Dilemmas

By | December 23rd, 2014|Categories: Hostel Life|Tags: , |

So last year I covered dorm room dilemmas, but now, some 12 months later (sorry about the wait), I think its finally time to cover off some of the other dilemmas you may be faced [...]


Planning a Gap Year: Pros and Cons of Volunteering Abroad

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If you’re planning a gap year at the moment, you’ll know there are a huge amount of things that everyone tells you that you simply have to do. Things you should do, people you should [...]

Africa vs. South America – Where to Volunteer?

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Having decided you want to do some volunteering overseas, you’re probably a thoughtful, responsible and caring person, and the idea of two continents fighting for your attention probably isn’t what you imagined. But that’s what’s [...]

South Africa – Volunteer football coaching

By | July 1st, 2011|Categories: South Africa, Travel, Travel Diary, Volunteering|Tags: , , , , |

21 and having never left my parents home for any length of time, I knew something wasn’t right.  The buzz of turning 18 and being able to go out drinking all weekend had flittered away, [...]