Ah Mallorca, one beautiful third of the Balearics. The last time I visited I was a 4 year old blonde boy, intent on doing nothing more than playing poolside and almost shutting down the airport by putting a water pistol in my hand luggage and sending airport security into panic as my bag and gun shaped toy went through the X-ray machine. I believe my parents got a right good earful for that one.

Some 28 years later and I return back to the island, this time not so blonde, but once again accompanied by my parents. Airport drama once again rears it’s ugly head, but at least this time it wasn’t my fault, it does delay is by almost 2 hours though. Sad face.

We eventually touch down in the Mallorcan capital of Palma, pick up our slightly too small hire car, and travel the required 45 mins along the wrong side of the road to our family home for the week, a beautiful 6 bed villa located high up on a hillside and offering beautiful views of both nearby Pollenca and Port de Pollenca.

Apart from making dinner and having a beer, there wasn’t much to be done that first evening. The four of us (I also thought best to invite my girlfriend, save becoming single again) slightly drained from the days travel, could only sit on the terrace balcony and watch the sun fade away from the port and what from a distance looked like tiny little fairy lights, take its place.

Port of Pollenca

Our Mallorcan Villa

So yeah, our somewhat massive villa had enough beds for 6 people. No word of a lie, I’ve stayed in smaller hostels!

Besides the 3 double bedrooms (one had an en suite), there was also 2 kitchens (1 inside and 1 out), a dining room, a lounge, a separate TV room, a larder, a laundry room, a small courtyard complete with table tennis (more on that below), and of course the pool area.  Ah the pool area :)

Villa in Mallorca

Villa in Mallorca

Villa in Mallorca

Villa in Mallorca

For the first day or so, it was quite easy to get lost, the villa acting as a labyrinth or maze it had so many rooms, corridors and staircases.

Villa in Mallorca

As with most households, the focal point of the villa was the kitchen area … It had the fridge with the beers! Poolside was also a popular spot among our party, which grew from 4 to 6 and as my sister and brother in law arrived to surprise my mother on her almost birthday.

Villa in Mallorca

This was now a fully fledged family holiday, and as such we made full use of the outside kitchen/BBQ area and Table Tennis facilities.  Nothing like flame grilled burgers and a little healthy competition.

Villa in Mallorca

Villa in Mallorca

Villa in Mallorca

In addition to the amenities I’ve just described above, there was yet more included within the villa (including a travel bloggers best friend – broadband), butI feel should also detail a couple of little bits and pieces which were not included, but which would have been handy truth be told.

Handy though they might have been, they didn’t stop us from enjoying a lovely few days soaking up the sun and taking turns to make big family dinners.

Also Included

  • Private pool and terrace
  • White goods inc dishwasher + microwave
  • TV room
  • WIFI
  • Laundry Room
  • Air Conditioning
  • A safe (although this may vary from villa to villa)

Not Included

  • Rubbish Bags
  • Cooking basics e.g. salt + oil
  • Kitchen basics e.g. washing up liquid + dish cloths
  • Toilet Roll
  • Hand soap for the toilets

Location + Getting to and from

So our villa was located in the aptly named El Villa complex, located between Pollenca old town and port de Pollenca. There wasn’t much by the way of amenities within the El Villa complex, but both the port and old town were just a 10 minute drive away, or a slightly longer bus journey – bus stops were handily located at the complex entrance.

As mentioned, we hired a car at the airport, but there were also buses we could have taken to reach the villa, and during our stay we did make use of the local bus system. With a stop at the foot of the hill upon which we were perched, it made sense to get the bus when visiting Pollenca old town, and it was very reasonable too.

Despite the 3 sides of A4 we received as directions to our villa, I actually thought the route was very easy and that 7 or 8 lines of text would have aufficed – I passed on as much to my sister and bro in law, and they found it OK. Of course you have to drive on the right in Spain, but as we arrived early in the holiday season the roads were still fairly quiet and therefore the driving was easy going.

I would say that having someone to navigate is recommended, but I would also assume that you wouldn’t be renting a 6 bed villa on your tod, so would have someone riding shotgun and telling you when to make a turn.


We didn’t have any major problems with the villa, and those (the small ones we did have were nipped in the bud pretty sharpish!

Upon arrival we were met by a bee keeper who was clearing up a slight bee problem poolside. By the morning all the bees were gone.

We then couldn’t get the WIFI to work (bloggers worst nightmare, save losing their smartphone altogether) but a call was made head office and the ‘issue’ sort within a couple of hours. No drama.

What do to when visiting Mallorca:

I’ll cover this in more detail in another post, but in short there is plenty to do in Mallorca. So much so that we didn’t get around to doing everything I’d originally planned.

Anyway, here’s a few highlights …

  • Take a walk along the sea front in Port de Pollenca
  • Climb the steps of Pollensa’s old town
  • Take the wooden train from Sóller to Palma (and back again)
  • Drive up to Mirador Colomer
  • Drive down to Playa de Formentor
  • Take a boat trip
  • Hire a bike

Final Thoughts:

Seeing as this was my first ever villa experience, I thought I should conclude this piece with a sentences around how it compares to other types of accommodation I have used on previous travels, and whether I think I’d book another villa again in the future.

So would I book a villa again? Yes, I most certainly would.  Whether with family or friends, I think a villa offers a lovely private base from which you can enjoy each others company, before hoping in the car and taking off on a road trip.  Plus of course, you don’t have to play by others peoples rules in a villa (although obviously don’t be an idiot). What I mean by that is that breakfast can be whenever you want, and there is no curfew.  In a way a villa is like a deluxe Airbnb.

I think in our case, the location of our villa and our hiring of cars really did help enhance our experience. Two of our best night on the island were spent in Pollenca old town, and with our villa being so close to the old town we had no issues with getting taxi’s back to our beds. Had the villa been more remote and not accessible by the local buses or taxi’s, I dare say I would not have formed such a positive opinion.

Versus say a hostel, a villa would of course be laking things like a travel desk and helpful members of staff to guide you.  With a villa you’re on your own, but luckily I love to do my own travel research and planning, so this right up my street.

Versus a hotel there is no room service or maid to make your bed.  There is no option of half board or full board either.

All accommodations types are obviously different though, offering their own benefits.  While I obviously love hostels, and have grown quite fond of renting apartments, I honestly wouldn’t have changed our villa experience for anything. My family and I had an amazing week, and I dare say that our villa played a sizeable role in our enjoyment.  I really did come to feel like a home away from home, and that can be no bad thing!

And thats a wrap for this trip, my first but hopefully not last villa holiday.  Time to head back to work, but not before I leave you with one last photo from that blessed balcony.  Those views!

Balcony view Mallorca


My Mallorcan villa experience was kindly provided by the good people at Travelopo.com.

While Travelopo arranged my villa, rest assured everything else was paid for by my family and I, and that Travelopo did not request a favourable review. All of the opinions included in this article are my own.