OK so a couple of weeks ago I wrote all about how I went to Fuerteventura with Planet Surf Camps, with the aim of learning to surf all over again.  I say all over again because whilst I have been to one or two surf camps in my time and reached a reasonable level of wave riding, my last surf experience before Fuerteventura was back in 2010 i.e a long time ago! Lets just say back then I was a little lighted, and agile.

Anyway I wrote a full 2000 word article on my experience here – Learning to Surf Fuerteventura with Planet Surf Camps – but also thought that some of you might like to see the video I made of my surf camp experience.

Yep, there’s a video of me getting hopelessly wiped out again and again while surfing Fuerteventura, it’s really quite amusing.  To be fair, surfing Fuerteventura was the perfect scenario for me to try out my new (ish) GoPro HERO4 – SILVER EDITION underwater.  Whilst I’ve made a few videos using the camera now, this was my first time filming and editing underwater sequences, so the video might not be as polished as others, but it was a learning experience for me, and hopefully a good watch for any of you interested in attending a surf camp in the near future.


Surfing Fuerteventura

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