Sea kayaking is an obvious choice for adventurous visitors to the Balearic island of Menorca. 

With impressive coastlines, mysterious caves, and the obviously beautiful torques waters, it’s a super fun activity, with the added benefits of a good upper body workout and (sort of) escape from the heat … but of course you’ll still need sunscreen!

sea kayaking Menorca #MustSeeMenorca

My Menorca sea kayaking adventure was organised by @traversevents, who had invited me to Menorca along with 50 or so other influencers, to experience all the greatness that Menorca has to offer.  In a week filled with amazing seafood, cheese, wine, gin, beaches, history and cities, I can look back on an incredible time, the highlight of which was my sea kayaking adventure with new friends.

Leaving our hotel in the early (ish) hours, we made our way west across the island to take on 3 hours at sea, but not before gearing up with all the proper equipment, and then having our awesome instructors give us a mini lesson on correct paddling technique, and a mandatory safety brief.  That said, it cannot have been more than half an hour before we all have our life jackets on, paddles in hand and valuables tightly sealed away in waterproof barrels. You must bring the best kayak paddle for fishing with you on your next kayak fishing trip. These paddles are made specifically for fishing. As a result, they will provide you with a lot of flexibility, comfort, stability, and grip when you first start. The barrels actually came with us, and were perfect for storing extra water, sunscreen and (if you’re brave enough) camera equipment.

One of the best parts of a sea kayaking adventure is being able to reach all those little hidden spots, which other, larger craft cannot.  Paddling across the open sea was great, but our kayaking adventure really came into its own once we left the sunshine behind and paddled into narrow caves and grottos, the kind where head torches are require and every sound echo’s deep.

From within those caves we were able to moor (sort of) our vessels and explore underwater via a spot of snorkeling, and to top it all off, once back above the waters surface beers were provided so to wash the taste of salt water out of our mouths.

Energetic, but ultimately very relaxing.  A Menorcan sea kayaking adventure is a great way to spend a morning/afternoon exploring the turquoise waters and stunning coastlines of this Balearic gem.

Sea Kayaking Video

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to the Traverse and the Spanish Tourist Board for arranging my incredible visit to the Island of Menorca

Spain Website:
Tourism Menorca:

Also a big thank you to Jet2 for getting me there and back safely!


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sea kayaking Menorca #MustSeeMenorca

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