Sea Kayaking in Corralejo was probably the highlight on my time on Fuertaventura.  Dont get me wrong, stuffing my face every hour of the day at our all inclusive digs was beautifully fattening, but getting out of our resort and onto the water for a day was just superb.

Our tour was supplied by the brilliant www.getyourguide.com who with almost impeccable timing, emailed me with the offer of a tour just 2 weeks before we left for Fuertaventura.  After a few quick email exchanges I was booked on a tour with Kayak Fuertaventura.  All we had to do was get from our hotel to Corralejo up in the north of Fuertaventura and everything else would be sorted for us.  Happy face!

Getting from our hotel to Corralejo meant getting 2 buses pretty early in the morning.  This required a real effort as the only movement we had become used to over the previous 2 days was getting up from a sun lounger to go to the bar and order another beer.  Tough life!  Joking aside it was great to see some of the island.

As arranged, upon arrival in Corralejo we were met by our guide Jorge outside the Baku Water Park.  Into a mini van we hopped and within 2 minutes we were at the beach.  Even at 10am the sun was baking our pale British skin, but there was no time to hide out in the shade.  To be honest setting up the kayaks was pretty easy.  The equipment we used was great and of a very high standard, and the guys at Fuertaventura Kayak even supplied wet bags for all our precious electrical equipment, these fitted neatly into sealed compartments within the Kayaks.  Donning our snazzy life vests we were shown on the beach how to paddle correctly and then we were off and into the water, 2 people to a kayak.

Sea Kayaking in Corralejo


Many moons ago, way back when, I actually used to take kayaking lessons at my local water sports centre.  It had been a while, but I easily slipped back into my stroke.  The water was a little choppy as there was sea breeze and a few waves created by the ferries heading over to Lanarote, but it was nothing we couldnt handle.   The plan was to Kayak around the Harbour for an hour or so and then snorkle in a small bay for a further hour before heading back to our start/finish point.

Sea Kayaking in Corralejo


The tide was out of the day of our trip Sea Kayaking in Corralejo, it made the conditions a little tricky.  For reasons we’re not sure of the venue for our snorkle session changed midway through the trip and we ended up snorkling in the harbour and around the boats.  This wouldnt have been a problem if it wasnt for where we docked the kayaks whilst we went snorkling.  Docking on wet and slippery rocks rather than a sandy beach was always going to be trecterous, and along with being a nightmare to change into a wetsuit on the rock, it wasnt long before one of us slipped and fell … me.  It wasnt a big deal, a small graze on my forehead, but if it were a small child it could have been much worse.  A lucky escape.

The snorkling was good fun.  Again all the equipment was provided, full body wet suit, flippers and mask.  The fish were few and far between, but of those we did see I tried (mostly  in vain) to capture them on camera.

Sea Kayaking in Corralejo


Sea Kayaking in Corralejo


Sea Kayaking in Corralejo


Snorkling for an hour took it out of us, so back on the beach we were given some food and water which was welcomed by everyone.  Paddling the kayak and swimming around the bay had been a good workout … and a much needed one considering how much food we’d packed away since arriving on Fuertaventura.

As we paddled back to our start/finish point the wind really started to pick up and the waves too.  In the distance we could see some paddle boarders expertly riding said waves back to shore.  We too would have to ride a wave back to shore, but not quite so expertly.  Again slippery rocks stood in our path and exiting both the kayak and the sea was both difficult and dangerous.  Again it was a questionable choice by our guide, but eventually we all made it ashore safely.


All in all, despite a little bump on my bonce we all had a great day Sea Kayaking in Corralejo.  The tour was operated smoothly from day one via email back in the UK, all the way through to being dropped back off at the Baku Water park so we could begin our journey back from Corralejo to our hotel.  Our guide Jorge was softly spoken, but very friendly and helpful!  He took continuous pictures throughout the day we were are able to down load from Kayak Fuertaventura’s Flickr account for free and over lunch in a brief chat he explained our he got in taking these tours.  An inspiring tale of leaving mainland spain to surf on Fuertaventura for 12-18 months and still being on the island 10 years later with his own Kayaking company.  Awesome stuff!

At £30 (ish) per person this tour is definitely value for money if you’re heading to Corralejo in Fuertaventura.

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  1. Seattle Dredge

    ooh looks like fun! And in a great spot. Love the underwater photos :D
    Seattle Dredge recently posted..Mountain Biking Down a Volcano at SunriseMy Profile

  2. Margyle

    Wow those yellow eyes on the fish really pop! Looks like a beaut of an excursion… I always enjoy a good kayak.
    Margyle recently posted..That’s Just About the Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Seen – Hobo Poop BoxMy Profile

  3. Scarlett

    LOVE the photos – particularly the underwater ones! This looks so fun, I’d love to give it a go… although I’ll have to find somewhere warmer than the irish sea! xx
    Scarlett recently posted..Finding My Sea LegsMy Profile

  4. Neil

    @Scarlet – Oooh the Irish sea was nippy, there’s a few surfing schools out there no though so maybe you’ll be ok with a wetsuit? Thanks for your comment!

  5. Sit in Kayak

    Great post! keep sharing such kind of stuffs for kayak lovers. Start learning kayaking or peddling techniques with entry level kayaks & enjoy kayaking with your favorite food & drinks.
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  6. Tom

    Really love your underwater photos. Looks fun! I also like kayaking, but prefer white water kayaking!
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