Ah Barcelona, second time lucky.

Once upon a time I tried to win a trip to Barcelona with Easyjet … I failed miserably.  I thought I had a good pitch, but ultimately I failed to get enough votes to warrant my inclusion on said trip, sob.  Fast forward 2 years and thanks to some hard earned boyfriend points, the gf deemed me worthy of a mini break to Barcelona and has arranged a wee trip in honor on my getting old.  Its a pretty sweet birthday present I’m sure you’ll agree.

Whilst I know a few of the details, some bits and pieces remain a surprise.  I know that we have an apartment that is centrally located, and that it has a balcony from which we can see the beach.  Beaches and Balconies, it sounds like wordplay on a really cool website I know … ahem.

All terrible jokes aside though, a weekend of relaxing in the Spanish sun sounds ideal right about now.  Check out the below photos if you fancy exploring a bit of Barcelona with me.  They’re live, so perfect for stalking my weekend antics/laziness if you feel the need.  Or if you’re in UK and just fancy a reminder of what the sun looks like, this page might be able to help you out in that department too.

If you have any suggestions for sweet things to see and do in Barcelona I would love to hear them.  Please let me know via a comment below. Cheers!