Hurrah, a new snow season is upon us.  From the garage can emerge my snowboard and boots, helmet and gloves, jacket and … whats this, NEW goggles??  Don’t mind if I do. Love using my latest gear on ski resorts near Boise to keep practicing and having fun.

Yep, new season, new goggles. A welcome addition to this years kit bag are my new Sungod Vanguards goggles.

Now if you could click play on the video below please.  It’s time to have a peak at what the new Sungod Vanguards range are all about.

Sungod Vanguard Goggles

Yes you heard that correctly, the Sungod Vanguards offer 20% more vision.


Seriously, these are an epic new range bought to you by Sungod.  As a big fan of their Revolts goggles (comparison below), I was super excited to receive my new Vanguards and experience this greater range of vision, and not to mention all their other great features.

Now all that remains is for me to hit the slopes, and for you to read the remainder of this post, which includes a chance (or two) to win a pair of the new Sungod Vanguards. Sweet!

**update Mar 19

The Sungod Vanguard Goggles came with me to Innsbruck this season.  Check out my post on how I managed 3 resorts in 3 days whilst in Innsbruck, and subsequent post about how much my Innsbruck snowboarding trip cost.

Customisable design

What’s fun about uniform colours and styles? … the answer – not a whole lot.

Bright, unique colours for one make you easily identifiable to your chums on the slopes. but they also make you look awesome!

As with the Revolts, the new Sungod Vanguards have a serious number of options to choose from when customising your perfect pair of goggles …

  • 3 Frame colours
  • 6 Lens colours
  • 15 Strap colours/designs

… OK so that 1 less frame colour than the Revolts, but 5(!) additional strap colours/designs.

Big pictures though, thats over 1000 different potential designs.

Sungod Vanguards

Sungod 4KO® Snow Lenses

While the majority of mountain images you see on the web show bright white slopes glistening under beaming sunshine, the reality is that not every day on the mountain is a perfect day. Fog (see my post on snowboarding in Slovenia – Krvavec for evidence of serious fog), heavy cloud, those overcast days.  The weather at 2000m above sea level is certainly changeable your current set of goggles might not be set up to deal with certain conditions.

Here’s where the customisation element of Sungod goggles, including the Vanguards, come into their own, by allowing you to switch out the different lenses and therefore put yourself in a better, and safer, position to be able to deal with the days conditions.

As above, there are 6 different options:

Snow Fire

VLT: 11%

Sunny Days 

snow fire sungods

Snow Green

VLT: 21%

Sunny Days

Sunny Intervals 

snow green

High-Viz Blue

VLT: 38%

Snowy Days 

Hi-viz blue sungods

Snow Smoke

VLT: 17%

Sunny Days

Sunny Intervals 

snow smoke sungods

Snow Purple

VLT: 23%

Sunny Days

Sunny Intervals 

snow purple sungods

High-Viz Pink

VLT: 38%

Snowy Days 

Hi-viz pink sungods


Here’s a quick look at a full list of Sungod Vanguards features.

  • Super-flexible and lightweightTPU frames that forms to your face.
  • Triple layer, triple density foam that offers snug protections against wind and snow.
  • Active anti-fog vents.
  • 100% UVA + UVB protection exceeding EN ISO 12312-1:2013 (CE) and ANSI Z80.3 (FDA) standards.
  • SunGod 4K Optics®snow Polycarbonate dual layer spherical lens with impact resistance.
  • Advanced lens construction that enhances contrast and optimises clarity.
  • Triple-layer scratch resistant coating + anti-reflective inner lens coating.
  • Easy-switch lens system.
  • Grip Lock silicon-backed strap for a secure non-slip fit.
  • Covered by the SunGod Lifetime Warranty!

Sungod Vanguards

Vanguards vs Revolts (comparison)

To compare the new Sungod Vanguards with the older Revolts model would make a lot of sense, and was something I had planned, but when someones already beat you to it, and beat you well, you just have to hold your hands up.  That the person who beat me to it is a friend who run their own wicked awesome blog, AND is the person who introduced me to Sungods products in the first place, I feel it only right to shine the spotlight on them in this instance.

May I present to you, Simon from, and his brilliant comparison video.

Kudos Simon.

Sungod Vanguards Revolts

The Cost £££

The big question, the one you’ve most likely had lingering for the past 5 minutes whilst reading this review – assuming you didn’t just skip straight to this part.

How much do the new Sungod Vanguards cost?

The answer … £110 per customised pair 

Yes this is an increase on the Revolts, but as per all of the above, the Vanguards are a development on the Revolts, dare I say an improved model. Plus you also get a storage pouch and stickers for that price too.

… AND, because your Vanguards are over the £100 threshold, shipping is FREE too.

As with the Revolts, additional frames, lenses, straps and cases can be purchased at additional cost, but ignoring those for the time being lets just take a minute to appreciate that the Sungod Vanguards still represent great value, and still come in cheaper than most other top spec and top brand goggles, which hover closer to the £150 mark, but which are NOT customisable.

Of course its up to you guys, but as a self proclaimed budget travel and someone who is always a bit careful with the purse (wallet) strings, I feel as though the £110 is a decent looking price for what you get with the Vanguards.  Not cheap granted, but certainly value!

Buy your Sungod Vanguards here

Sungod Vanguards

Win a pair of Sungods Goggles (or sunglasses)

Hopefully you’re still reading, and havent already splashed out the £110 for a pair of new Vanguards, because before you do, why not try to win a pair for free? Yep, FREE!!

Simply click on my special link below, fill out the required details, and then you’re in with a shot of winning.

This Sungods ‘competition’ is odds based, there is no end date or question to answer, you just have to be the lucky one who gets picked at random by their system.  Even if you don’t win first time around, by sharing the competition details you’ll receive a second chance. Nice!

Click the link, you have nothing to loose and everything (goggles and glasses) to gain.

Good luck!




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