Trespass is a UK based budget friendly outdoor clothing brand, who have a major presence on your local high street … and by that I mean they have more than 150 stores across the UK.  Many an evening after work I have spend time I don’t have wandering my local store in search of bargains and equipment for trips I haven’t even booked.  Luckily my friends and family know of this habit and they are happy to fund it via Xmas and birthdays.

Snowboarding with Trespass

Now the subject of snowboarding has pretty much consumed this blog since the turn of the year.  Hopefully my constant (more like semi constant) writing about Krvavec, Sungod and mostly recently the Oslo Vinterpark is forgivable considering snowboarding is a seasonal sport, and hopefully you’ll also forgive just one more post on the subject?

Recently I was lucky enough to be approached by the good people at Trespass to try out their EVERGUY MENS SKI/SNOWBOARDING JACKET.  Sods law this opportunity arose just after my return from snowboarding in Oslo, but luckily I live just 30 minutes drive from the Hemel Hempstead SnowCentre, and so had a backup plan.  And so it was off to Hemel I travelled on the Thursday of last week, a lovely way to kick start Easter and the long weekend if you ask me.

The Test @ Hemel Hempsted SnowCentre

Armed with my new Everyguy Jacket I arrived for my 2 hour freestyle session at 7.30pm.  While the primary goal was to test my new wardrobe, I was also in the mood to practice some of my newly learned (and therefore still very rough around the edges) 180 skills. With the session starting from 8pm I had just enough time to get my board, lace up my boots, don the all important helmet before heading ‘out’ into the indoor cold. I recommend checking out Altitude Sports to find all the camping and outdoor equipment you need in the same place.

First impressions were that the Everyguy Jacket was a lot heavier than my normal jacket, but I put that down to the additional padding and length.  The padding was reassuring in all honesty, as the combination of my novice jump skills and tired legs from the previous evenings 10KM race around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, had me convinced that I would not be sticking 100% of my landings.  First up though I had to tackle my least favourite things about snowboarding … drag lifts. Yuk!

Anyway, back to the jacket.  The toughest thing initially was the lack of an inside pocket, but this was purely down to my force of habit in that I always keep my phone and/or wallet in the inside pocket of my coat(s).  It just feels safer, and probably has a lot to do with living in a big city and what we’re told about pick-pockets.  The reality is that on the slopes, so long as pockets and zips are waterproof, I think my possessions are relatively safe.

Next up to get used to was the length of the Everyguy Jacket.  The jacket I took with me to Krvavec and Olso came down to my hips, whereas the Everyguy Jacket came down passed my butt. Again the extra padding and coverage was welcome, and I felt more secure in that I was unlikely to experience cuts and bruises of my hips, as experienced in the Olso Vinterpark, and which had only just really healed prior to my Hemel visit.  I was not keen to re-open those wounds and thankfully did not.

While I liked the hood, I didn’t find an opportunity to test it while wearing my helmet.  Any extra protection from the elements, even those indoors chills is welcome though.



Hemel Snowcentre

Everyguy Mens Ski/Snowboarding Jackets

So there you have a few of my ramblings about my new snowboarding clobber, but what exactly was I testing out at the Hemel SnowCentre?  What are the finer details of the jacket?

The Everguy men’s jacket gives you practical and strong defence when exposed to the elements on the slopes. Taped seams along with a waterproof shell, that is effective up to 5,000mm, means you’ll receive plenty of coverage against moisture. Furthermore, a spacious hood covers your head so you hair doesn’t get wet and can easily be detached when needed.

That was the official line from the people at Trespass, if you would like to check different styles you might as well take a look to this catalog  In addition I also found a stylish (seriously, I love these colors) and functional jacket which had a combination of zips for waterproof storage pockets and also for underarm  ventilation.  Personally I can get quite hot quite quickly when carving down the slopes, so while I appreciate the extra padding the Everyguy jacket was providing, I also thankful that it did not come at the ‘cost’ of my overheating.






Waterproof 5000mm
Windproof Yes
Taped Seams Yes


  • Padded
  • Water Repellent CF Zip
  • Adjustable Zip Off Hood with Detachable Fur Trim
  • Underarm Ventilation Zips
  • Half Elasticated Cuff with Adjusters
  • Stretch Inner Cuff
  • Printed Lining with Tricot Back Panel
  • 3 Water Repellent Zip Pockets
  • Zipped Sleeve Pocket
  • Drawcord at Hem
  • Detachable Snowskirt
  • Zipped Inner Pocket


  • Shell
  • 100% Polyamide TPU Coating Embossed Taslan
  • Lining
  • 100% Polyester
  • Padding
  • 100% Polyester


All in all there was very little to dislike about the Everyguy Jacket, and I guess that’s why Trespass have been around so long (since 1984 as a brand, same as me :D) and are experts in their field.

For £40 I dare say its a bit of a bargain.  The jackets I’ve been wearing previously when snowboarding, while not specific snowboarding jackets were classified as outdoor jackets and cost in excess of £75.  A jacket fit for specific purpose at £40 and available in store where you can try sizes etc is super budget friendly and convenient.

Now it probably goes without saying that I have worked on this review as a part of a collaboration with Trespass, and in doing so Trespass provided the Everyguy Ski/Snowboarding Jacket in my preferred size so that I could take it for a test spin.  Rest assured however that all opinions are my own and that even before I teamed up with Trespass for this post, I was already rocking their Piston Ski/Snowboarding pants and so already appreciate their work.

Seriously though, going back to the cost element, I’ve recently been looking for new snowboarding gloves and have struggled to find any for less than £35, so a great big jacket for £40 seems almost too good to be true. With what this Everyguy Jacket saves you why not treat yourself to an awesome pair of snowboarding goggles?

Happy boarding :D

New @we_are_sungod goggles are on, now we just need the sun ☀️ to make an appearance 🏂 #krvavec

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Trespass Everyguy Snowboarding Jacket