One of the key selling points of Oslo’s Vinterpark is that it is located just ’30 minutes’ from the heart of Oslo’s city centre.

Personally I found the journey to take more like 60 minutes, but either way the Vinterpark is still an incredibly accessible outdoor area, a joy for both snowboarders and skiers alike.  Whether it take an hour or just a half hour, we’re talking about a sizeable snow resort being either easy reach of a major european capital. As I’ve said before, it’s a dream, and the fact that such access can be via pubic transport easily turns a Sunday snowboarding to a reality.

To be honest, the journey from the centre of town (Oslo Central Station) up to Olso Vinterpark is very simple, but of course it’s easy to say that now that I have made the journey. Before my own trip last month (March 2017) and when researching I was unable to find a detailed explanation or video, so I decided to make one, and here it is.

Starting at Oslo Central Station my buddy and I head to the metro, ride the T1 up to Volksenkollen and then walk 10 minutes up to Olso Vinterpark before partaking in 2 epic days of snowboarding.  Easy when you know how.

Enjoy the video, and here’s a link to the metro map in case you want to see it beforehand.

Oslo Vinterpark

Oslo Vinterpark

Oslo Vinterpark Half Pipe

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