Snowboarding in Krvavec, hopefully you’ve read the article by now .. no? Well I’ll post a link below, but in a nutshell Krvavec was cloudy, but still a great budget destination for snow lovers such as myself, who need a quick fix over a weekend.

The cost of snowboarding in Slovenia – Krvavec

So that was the article, and while I threw a photos in there, it doesn’t really tell the whole picture in terms of just how cloudy it was, and also how much fun my buddy Nick and I were able to have despite the cloud.

So here it is, my best efforts at a 4k video of my snowboarding exploits in Kravec, Slovenia.  Hopefully gamers among you will enjoy the outtakes, and snowboarders among you will be jealous of my new goggles :)

…. they’re Sungod Revolts if you must know.

Snowboarding in Krvavec – Video

Where in the world?

Some more of my snowboarding videos

Right, so just in case you enjoyed the above video, I’ve set up a couple more below filmed in Vogel (also Slovenia), Valmorel (France) and Pas de la Casa (Andorra).

Maybe you can check these out too :D

snowboarding Krvavec