I’ve called this page ‘shop’ purely so that it fits on my toolbar.  In effect this is a page of kit and equipment I both use and recommend.  As you’ve probably guessed, this page contains affiliate links, so yes if you were to purchase using any of the links below I would receive a small kickback from Amazon. Hopefully you don’t see this as an issue or taking liberties.

Travel Tech

Sony A 5000

This is actually the step up from the model I use (Nex F3), but it costs less.  I travel light and am still a relativity newbie at photography, so a micro four thirds camera is perfect for me.  I can still swap lenses over if need be, and the sensor size rivals most DSLR’s anyway.  There’s a great panoramic feature, and some nice filters.

From £233.00

Link: Sony a5000 Digital Camera with SEL-1650 Zoom Lens – Black (20.1MP) 3 inch LCD

GoPro Hero 4 – Silver edition

As with the sony above, this is another update on the version I use (Hero 3 white version).  This update comes with an LCD screen on the back which is great – I currently have to use the Iphone app – and it still comes will the water proof casing.  Simply the best action sports camera brand out there.  The black version has a higher spec still, but because of the LCD screen I would go for the silver edition personally.

From £280.00



I wrote an entire review post of my Olloclip here.  Its a great little lens system which allows me to shoot fisheye, wide lens and macro from my iphone.  I must admit, being so small its quite easy to misplace at times, but a nice little addition to take photos with an Iphone.

From £35.00

Link:  Olloclip 3-in-1 Fisheye and Macro Clip-On Lens System for iPhone 5 – Black

Extendable Selfie-Stick

Now I am not a selfie fan, photo wise.  But I will admit to having one of these for shooting snowboard videos.

From £3.68

Link: Telescopic / Extendable Selfie stick – GoPro, Iphone 5s 5c 5 4s 4 6 Samsung Galaxy – Can Be Used With Mobile Cell phone and other Cameras (Variation Colours)

Backpacks and luggage

Karabar 105 litre backpack

My rucksack of choice at present, owing to its size and value.  I thought that when I purchased it that the rucksack might last a single month long trip, but fast forward 2 years and its still going fairly strong.

Its one of those rucksacks that expands through using a few zips, and has a nice wetbag type section at the bottom.

From £22.99

Link: Karabar Globe Traveler 105 Litres Large Backpack With Detachable Daypack – 3 Years Warranty! (Black/Grey)

Lowe Alpine Carry On 40 litre

Hand favoured hand luggage only bag.  Simply carries lots, looks good and can still be used as a day time backpack.  No wheely cases here.

From £62.00

Link:  Lowe Alpine TT Carry-On 40 bag black bag

Quicksilver backpack

Another backpack I might sometimes choose to use.  I’ve long been a fan of the quicksilver brand, and I simply use these smaller 25 litre type bags as a day time backpack, and when snowboarding.

From £30.00

Link:  Quiksilver Mens Burst Backpack EQYBP00043 Checks Yardage

Dry Bags

For keeping those precious documents safe and sound.  Also makes a pretty good pillow if you stuff with clothes.

From £21.99

Link: [2 PACK] Premium Dry Bags – 500D PVC Tarp waterproof dry bags (170 Oz and 340 Oz)


Sony Headphones

Great quality for an affordable price.  No worse than the standard Iphone headphones in any way.  Also act as a decent enough set of ear plugs.

From £13.00

Link:  Sony Mid-Range In-Ear Headphones with Deep Bass

Headphone Splitter

I love these.  Great for sharing movies and/or music with mates or people you’ve just met when on long, arduous journeys.  Can be a nice ice breaker.

From £4.00

Link:  Headphone Splitter on Keying

Ear Plugs

A dorm room essential if you wish to get any sleep.  Not so comfortanle at first, but you get used to them.

From £2.88

Link:  20 Pairs of Moldex Spark 7800 Ear Plugs

Purification Water Bottle

Negates the need to buy bottled water at cost, and reduces the likelihood of getting ill through water consumption.  A winner all around.

From £22.00

Link: Water-to-go Purification Water bottle




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