The Faerie Glen upon entry does seem a sort of magical place.  A simple journey down a dirt track takes you from the western coastline of the Isle of Skye into a land that wouldn’t look out of place in a children’s fairytale.  A land where mystical creatures dwell and wield supernatural powers.  Such is the look and feel of the Faerie Glen (sometimes called the Fairy Glen) that it plays a staring role in a Hollywood film as such a magical land.  Its a very special place.

So here it is (below).  Located not too far from Uig in the north west of Skye, the glen isn’t well sign posted, in fact its almost kind of hidden.  But for prior research into cool places to visit on the Isle of Skye we would have driven straight past the access road that leads there.  In fact even with prior planning we drove past the access road and had to use Google maps to finally locate the rolling mounds of green.  The data usage was a small price to pay.

Faerie Glen

At first we didn’t know where the glen stopped so we actually drove straight through it and onto someones land.  I’m sure it wasn’t the first time its happened and no one came out to confront us or tell us to get lost.  But whilst turning the car around we spotted out of the corner of our eye just a couple of rather understated, yet amazing waterfalls across the valley.  It would have been rude not to take a closer look, so we got out of our hire car and took in the six (that we counted) waterfalls sitting across the way.  As mentioned I doubt we were the first visitors to the area to take such a detour on the way to the Faerie Glen, but the improvised washroom facilities provided for visitors were still worthy of note – see 3rd pic below.

Faerie Glen

Faerie Glen Isle of Skye

Faerie Glen, Skye

Faerie Glen

Oblivious to the world around us, we stood staring wide eyed at the beautiful waterfalls for a length of time I couldnt quantify, it was as though they had cast a spell on us.  When we did eventually snap back to reality we remembered why we had even ventured down this stretch of road – The Faerie Glen. Ah yeah, lets go there too shall we? We hoped back in the car and drove for 2-3 minutes back to the glen.

There is no parking as such, just a small lay-by.  Only 3 cars can fit, but there wasn’t really the demand for more than that number of cars upon our visit.  No car park means no parking fees I guess so this set up was a winner.  We locked the car at set off on foot to explore.

Fairy Glen Isle of Skye

The cone shaped hills of Glen create what I can only describe as a natural adventure playground.  With the 4 of us either on the way to the big three zero, or already there, it was like we had stepped through an invisible vale and were transported back to being ten years old.  Queue running around like nutters with just the hood of our coats attached to our bodies and pretending we were wearing a cape and could fly.  This place would be amazing for a game of army, hide and seek or even bloody lazer tag.  That seems a little disrespectful to this quiet peaceful area, but hopefully you catch my drift.  It s vast open space of natural beauty that fills you with energy and the want to explore.  We climbed each cone and the ran back down, examined every nook and cranny of old ruins, it was so much fun. It was nature at its best.

Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen

The Hollywood bit

So have you guessed which film the Faerie Glen features in yet?  Well to tell you the truth its not only this little part of Skye which features in said film, Skye’s famous Quirang range also features in the film.  Popular with hikers, its not hard to understand why the Quirang was also chosen as a set for this movie.  Just like the Faerie Glen there is said to be something a bit magical about its landscape.  Sadly upon our visit the weather was too bad to attempt to Quirang circuit hike.   Maybe next time.

Anyway, without further waffling on my part here’s a scene from the film the Faerie Glen features in – Stardust, featuring Clair Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Charlie Cox, Robert Di Niro, Sienna Miller, mark Strong and in this particular scene British actress Melaine Hill (alongside Pfeiffer).  That’s a pretty decent cast by anyone’s standards, and I’m actually quite a big fan of the film.  I never set out to Skye to visit this location based up on its feature in Stardust, but its cool to have found out that one of my favourite stop offs on my little Scottish Roadtrip is recognised by others as being an amazing place to set foot and worthy of being cast as a magical land.

Here’s a small clip where the glen is just about recognisable, but DO NOT watch if you’re a veggy or vegan as it could offend.  There is actually better footage within the film, but I cannot find it on youtube so this will have to do.