Here starts stage 1 of my quest to see the Northern Lights. By the time you read them I shall probably be coming into land at Inverness airport. Accompanied by a couple of mates and as ever my better half Esther, we’ll shortly be picking up our rental car and setting off to see Scotland.

The plan is to head straight from Inverness over to the Isle of Skye for a few nights, from our cottage (complete with table tennis table) we hope that of an evening we just might spot a bit of Aurora action. If sadly we do not find the lights fear not, fore there is plenty more t0 see on the Isle of Skye, the photo grid below will not be empty.

From Skye we then drive south towards Fort William and Oban. Our second cottage will see us smack bang in between these two amazing looking towns. En route we (me mainly) hope we might catch a sighting of the Hogwarts express at the Glenfinnan Viaduct. Other than that I’m serious considering a bit of sea caving despite how cold the sea is obviously going to be, and maybe scaling Ben Nevis … although it would be easier to drive up wouldnt it, maybe I’ll do that haha.

Anyway, if you’re interested in Scotland, the Northern Lights, Harry Potter, beautiful scenery or all of the above, you can follow our little adventure just but scolling down and casting your eyes over both the photo grid, map, slideshow and twitter feed.

Enjoy :)

**A big thank you to for providing our wheels this week. This trip wouldnt have been possible without them. Thanks guys!