Hot on the heels of my review of the Sungod Custom Classics Sunglasses, comes the latest Sungod customisable eyewear creation, the Sungod Pacebreakers.

Sporting the Sungod trademark adventureproof frames and lifetime guarantee, the first in the Sungod precision eyewear range is also fully customisable, so you are free to make them your own.

Sungod Pacebreaker Sunglasses

sungod pacebrakers sunglasses

Adventureproof Flexible Frames

Adventureproof, i.e. flexible but no snapping, or signs of stress to the frames.  Great news from both a looks point of view, but also a safety one (no shards of broken plastic to go flying anywhere and everywhere).

Controlled Airflow

The design of the Pacebreaker frame has been optimsied to eliminate fogging, and to keep to your face cool, even when stationary. No getting all puffed out and red faced under those lenses.

Snap Lock Hinges

The Pacebreakers are either opened or closed, owing to their precision moulded snap lock hinges.  With no in-between this leaves you able to go one handed with putting the Pacebreakers on.

Grip Lock Ear Socks

Manufactured from a hydrophillic material, the grip of the ear socks only increases under sweat, therefore ensuring non slip even in the most testing conditions, whilst not becoming uncomfortable on your ears.

sungod pacebrakers sunglasses 4KO

Pace Lenses

Interchangeable, precision lenses, engineered from an infused 2mm Polcarbonate Core.

The Pacebreakers 4KO lenses have been designed to offer enhanced contrast and optimum clarity under all different conditions, intensity or terrain.  To that end there is a range of colours, all of which offer 100% UV protection, but which also have different visible light transmission (VLT) percentages, and so perform best in different conditions, from bright and sunny to overcast and rainy.

The performance of the Pacebreakers are also enhanced by their extended field of view, no obstructed peripheral version here.

sungod pacebrakers sunglasses

My experience

So my new Sungod Pacebreakers arrived last Friday, and as of Saturday morning I was sporting them as I lined up for my (almost) weekly ParkRun.

I do not own any other sports sunglasses, and so this was new for me.  I already have quite a lot of running equipment, what with wireless headphones, sweat bands, IT support band, sports armband, and now added to that lot, my sungod pacebreakers.  Overkill on the equipment front?

Aside from stunningly coloured 4KO lens, the weight and the snap lock hinges were and instant hit.  The grip of the ear socks and nose piece also gave me confidence that the pacebreakers wouldn’t be falling off at any point in the next 30 mins, save me taking a taking a tumble and falling ass over face.

During the run, I didn’t really notice my new eyewear, which is kind of the point I guess.  The only time during the 5km trail where I became aware of the was when I was attempting to keep myself ahead of my target pacer, who was running right on my shoulder.  The extended field of peripheral vision, which would have been obstructed if I was wearing any of my other sunglasses.

All in all, the new Sungod Pacebreakers definitely aided my race.  I didn’t break any PB’s admittedly (a month off doesn’t exactly help form), but I did improve on my time from the previous Thursday evenings run, and in harsher, hotter and sunnier conditions.

sungod pacebrakers

sungod pacebrakers


With the ability to customise and add premium features, such as polarised lenses, means that there are different cost tariffs for the Sungod Pacebreakers.  Here’s a rough guide, but I think you’re best best is to simply visit the Sungod Pacebreakers page and have a play with the different customisation options. The cost of your perfect pair will be displayed on screen.

Full Pairs:

  • Non-Polarised Full Pair  £60
  • Polarised Full Pair  £85


  • Non-Polarised Lenses  £30
  • Polarised Lenses  £55
  • Ear Socks   £8


Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 13.12.21

sungod pacebreakers


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