Now I’ve only ever been to Manchester for the football, and I’ve never scaled Everest, but I do love that slogan!  However I feel I should admit that my recent camping adventure was was more along the lines of …


I grant you that the New Forest in Dorset and worlds apart, but when the temperature plummeted to just 2º on Friday night in the New Forest, the gap between them felt significantly smaller than it should have been.

Ironically, whilst in the New Forest and testing the new Sprayway AW15 range which is both breathable and waterproof, there was of course no rain.  I know, you couldn’t make it up.  There was however, as I’ve explained, plenty of cold and freezing, and therefore there was still a need for my new Sprayway Crag Jacket, which I think you’ll agree looks rather fetching.

sprayway the rain returns

SPRAYWAY Men’s Crag Jacket

So here’s a quick (ish) lowdown on the AW15 Crag Jacket.

First off, it looks great, almost with a denim type effect.  Typically (or at least in my eyes) most outdoor adventure clothing appears quite reserved, sporting very neutral colours.  I liked that the Crag Jacket was aesthetically a little different, and I would quite happily wear this item down the high street in addition to on a campsite.

From a more functional point of view, the Crag Jacket had the require layers for my outdoor activities, one waterproof and one breathable layer.  It had a adjustable cuffs and drawcords, and a hood with a small peak on it.  It was comfortable, and although there was no rain to test its waterproof capabilities, the cold and wind in the New Forest certainly put the jacket to the test in all other areas.

The finer details:

  • 2 layer Hydro-dry exclusive fabric – waterproof and breathable.
  • 5000 hydrostatic head, 5000 breathability
  • Two zipped hand warmer pockets
  • Fixed, adjustable hood with wired peak
  • Adjustable drawcord hem
  • Adjustable cuff tabs
  • Recommended activity – hiking / commute /  every day wear
  • RRP – £80.00

The one thing I would love to have seen in addition to the above was a zip pocket on the arm so that I could fit a lift pass in there.  But that’s purely from a selfish point of view as I fully intend to wear this jacket snowboarding next season.

sprayway the rain returns

sprayway the rain returns

… and just in case you thought the above might have been staged in my back garden (hint – I live in a flat, so no garden), here are just a couple of photos from the campsite down in Dorset.  Check out that sunset!

camping in the New Forest Dorset

camping in the New Forest Dorset

camping in the New Forest Dorset

The History Of Sprayway

So to Sprayway, and a little bit of history about them as a company.

Well it all start back in 1974, and in a garage in Chorlton (Manchester).  Two sailing and outdoor enthusiasts by the name of Joe Hunt and Simon Wright recognised a lack of outdoor performance clothing and decide to fill the gap in the market by creating their own. Forty years later and Sprayway has moved from a garage to the summit of Everest, and became one of the most recognisable outdoor clothing companies in the UK.

I keeping mentioning Everest because it’s true, Sprayway has been to the summit of the highest mountain on earth.  More than once!  Sprayway’s history has seen it enjoy an intimate relationship with the world’s highest mountain, supplying the kit for the pioneering expeditions below:

  • • 1980: Everest attempt by Doug Scott, Pete Boardman and John Tasker
  • • 1995: Alison Hargreaves becomes the first woman to climb Everest alone without Oxygen tanks
  • • 2001: Keiron Machenzie summits Everest by the North Ridge

Fast forward to the present day and Sprayway is still producing its trademark high performance outdoor clothing. To celebrate forty years of innovation, Sprayway has partnered with Blacks to create an exclusive new range named the AW15 collection, another milestone in the Sprayway timeline and a milestone that is showcased in the video below.  Go on, give it a watch.


Want to learn more about Sprayway, or more specifically about the new AW15 range?  The links below should set you on the right path.

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