Zero backpack reviews in ages, and then 2 comes along within a month of each other.  On this occasion its the turn of the Numinous Anti-Theft 55L backpack.

Lets take a look shall we …

numinous anti theft backpack

Numinous Anti-Theft 55L backpack Key Features

  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Anti-Puncture zip
  • Full length opening
  • TSA-Approved zip locks
  • Numinous anti-slash technology
  • Numinous shield technology
  • Padded lumbar support and airflow system
  • Patented flap zip protection system
  • Adjustable back system
  • Concealing back panel

You’ll notice I’ve highlighted 4 specific items from the list above, and this is because those 4 items are the most important items safety wise, and safety is a BIG thing with this backpack.

The technology employed by Numinous sees its backpacks pretty much unrivalled in terms of safety and security.  Check out their technology page for the complete low-down on these features, or simply check out the video below.  These features are seriously impressive.


Volume 65L Travel Rucksack (Optional 25L attachment)
Weight 3.5kg
Back System Adjustable back length (50-60cm)
Material Cordura; Numinous Anti-Slash; Nylon 210D


At the time of writing (May 2015) the RRP are as per below …

  • 55 litre backpack – £180.00
  • 65 litre backpack – £190.00


What I liked

What’s not to like?  The backpack looks great, was comfortable to wear and is packed full (no pun intended) of security features to keep all your belongings safe.

There was no need for padlocks owing to the TSA locks , and the fact that the shield protection dual combination locks allowed you to first secure the contents of the backpack, and then secure the backpack itself to a static weight – such as a bunkbed, gave total piece of mind.



Room for improvement?

Maybe the only thing missing from the backpack itself was a wet bag section of sorts, where you could store damp towels of swimming gear away from the rest of your clothes.

Talking Points

I understand that the price may leave some people questioning whether the backpack is really worth it, but I guess it depends on how much you value your gear.  If you’re travelling with a macbook, iPhone, Cannon DSLR and other high values goods, £180.00 isnt a terrible price to keep them safe.

Will I use it again?

Most certainly.

Would I buy one myself?

If I were going on another gap year, staying in hostel dorm rooms for weeks on end,  I would most certainly buy one.  Admittedly that decision is based upon my prior experience of staying in so many dorms with no lockers, or lockers that broken/faulty. Lucky for me, when I did take my gap year I didn’t travel with very many high value items.  Nowadays it’s a different story though, so on that basis I could easily justify the backpacks price tag.

The chances of me going on another gap year are slim though, and as my future travel plans consist only of more weekend breaks and week long adventures which only require hand luggage, I might actually choose to invest in the 25L rucksack version rather than the 55L backpack.  It comes with all the same safety features, so had I not already have in my possession the 55L backpack, I think I would most probably opt, owing to my travel style, for the 25L rucksack.

Either way I would invest in the technology, most definitely.  The size of bag I would choose to purchase would be influenced by my travel style though.

Want one for yourself?

So this backpack is pretty great, I say that with hand on heart, I was seriously impressed!

So, I’m delighted to be able to tell you that I shall also be giving one of the Numinous anti-theft 55L backpacks away on this blog very very soon.  I’m just working through Ts&Cs with the supplier now, but check back soon, or subscribe via bloglovin/RSS and you’ll see the competition launched in no time at all.

Best of luck to everyone who enters.


Bag supplied by the good folks at for this review.  As always though, the opinions contained within this review are very much my own.