When flying hand luggage only, do you go for a rucksack or a wheely case?  As an *ahem strapping lad of some 6ft I am always of an opinion that I’ll look somewhat silly with a wheely case, that said, there are times when I envy those who simply tow their bag along behind them, rather than carry the weight of their carry on luggage on their back which is no doubt aching from the flight anyway.

It appears I am not the only individual with this dilemma.  Luggage manufacturers have cottoned on to the travelers want for the best of both worlds, and a number of hybrid wheely type rucksacks are now available.  This past week I was lucky enough to try such an item, the Lowe Alpine TT Roll On 40 Wheeled Backpack.

Lowe Alpine TT Roll On 40 Wheeled Backpack

Time for some specs and details on the bag so here goes …

  • Dimensions: 55cm x 35cm x 25cm
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Volume: 40lt
  • Lockable zip entry for security
  • Sized to maximise hand luggage regulations for most major airlines – see below
  • Hidden straps for alternative ‘backpack’ style carrying
  • Priced at around £90


Lowe Alpine TT Roll On 40 Wheeled Backpack

Cabin Size?

I used the Lowe Alpine Wheeled backpack on a Thomas Cook flight to Turkey the week before last.  I had no issues with the bags size, but it should be noted that the depth of the bag doesn’t comply with some of the regulations set out by two of the leading budget airlines.

Bag 55cm 35cm 25cm
Easyjet 56cm 45cm 25cm
Ryan Air 55cm 40cm 20cm
Aer Lingus 55cm 40cm 20cm
Monarch 56cm 40cm 25cm
Wizz 56cm 45cm 25cm


Why all budget airlines can’t just agree on dimensions and make everyone’s lives a tad easier I don’t know.


I have a similar hybrid case of another brand, and no word of a lie, I prefer the Lowe Alpine.  Its shape is less rigid, the colour scheme used is more adult and the removable straps are 10 times better.  Will I use the bag again?  Yes totally … where possible.  Its a shame the bag is just too big for my fairly regular trips to Ireland to see the girlfriends friends and family, but thats just one of those things I guess.  Loaded and unpacking from the bag is easy.  The zip that lock are a comforting safety feature, and the rucksack straps are more comfortable than they may look.  I’m not going to score the bag out of ten, but if you are looking for a hybrid wheely/rucksack cabin bag you could do far far worse that the Lowe Alpine TT Roll On 40 Wheeled Backpack.

P.S. For those of you who are really against wheely cases but like the look of the bag aside from the wheels, Lowe Alpine also do a non wheeled version.  Search ‘Lowe Alpine Black/Graphite TT Carry on 40 Travel Bag’.


Bag supplied by the good folks at Silverfox Travel & Outdoors for this review.  As always though, the opinions contained within this review are very much my own.