I dont fancy a wheely case much, just give me a backpack and i’m off.  The same cant be said for the mrs though, she loves a wheely case. Whether it be a 2 or 4 wheeler she can always be found causing havoc with her case whilst inevitably late and running for the departure gate.  Each to their own I guess, but what if you wish to share luggage for all your different trips.  Esther goes to Ireland lots without me and I often run away to eastern Europe without her.  Could we find just one bag to satisfy both our needs?

The Answer?

The answer of course is yes, dont act like you didnt see that coming.  Check out this transforming hybrid of a bag.  Both a backpack and a wheely case.  Yes you heard me correctly, its both, a 2 in 1, a BOGOF (buy one get one free).  A backpack for me and wheely case for Esther.  Smiles all round.

The Karrimor Global Equator 40 Wheeled Travel Case gives you the best of both worlds, a wheely case for flat surfaces, but also neatly concealed straps if you need to transform it into a backpack.  Genius!

> Large main compartment
> Zipped inner pockets
> Rigid base and spine
> Inner clip locks
> Rugged wheel base
> Pulley handle
> Stowable shoulder harness
> Lockable zips
> Book style opening
> Karrimor logo
> Weight: 2800g
> Capacity: 40 litres
 Karrimor Karrimor Global Equator 40 Wheeled Travel Case from www.sportsdirect.com  Karrimor Karrimor Global Equator 40 Wheeled Travel Case from www.sportsdirect.com

Can it be used as Cabin Luggage?

Erm yes, to an extent.  On airlines such as BA you’re fine using the bag, but on ‘budget’ airlines you may run into trouble  as the bag is just a bit too tall, as you can see below.

Bag 59cm 36cm 20cm
Easyjet 56cm 45cm 25cm
Ryan Air 55cm 40cm 20cm
Aer Lingus 55cm 40cm 20cm


Now, maybe I shouldnt say this in a review, but here goes anyway.  There is a simple way to make the bag small enough to take on these airlines as cabin luggage, and that is to cut the handle off the top of the bag.  Its not an ideal situation, but it saves you the necessary 3-4cm that you’ll need, and as there is already another two handles on the side of the bag, so you’re not really losing that much functionality.  Its a shame the cabin luggage restrictions changed after the bag was launch, but I imagine that the design will be updated in due course.

How was it to travel with?

Ok so I just got back from Madrid where I was able to travel with the bag on an easyjet flight without any hassle.  I actually found the bag very useful, and having that extra bit of room, compared to what I am used to, came in very handy.  I liked that the bag opens out fully, no need for top loading.  There are also ample pockets, the one on the front big enough to fit your liquids bag, so that made getting through baggage checks a tad bit easier.  I also liked that the zip of the bag is covered and that clips on either side stop the bag from being opened too far.  It’d be quite difficult for someone to tea leaf something out of your bag if they were simply following you.

The one small problem I had with the bag (aside from the size and having to chop of the handle, I assume a version 2 will be made so that it fits the new cabin baggage restrictions) was the backpack straps.  I’m either really dumb (possible), or there was no obvious place to clip them onto. When I did eventually clip them on somewhere it made wearing the backpack a little uncomfortable.  Again this is something I hope will be rectified in a version 2 of the bag.

So would I buy the bag (or at least the next version of it)?  Yes I would actually, I love my rucksack with a passion, and would probably still take my rucksack with me along with this Karrimor, but the Karrimor did impress me.  Definitely one for the weekend breakers amongst you.

Bag supplied by Sports Direct for review.  As always the opinions contained within this review are my own