The Jurni is a new carry-on style suitcase designed for the next generation of young (and older, like me) travellers.

After a more than successful crowd sourcing campaign, the creators of the already enormously popular children’s suitcase, the Trunki, now bring you the slightly more grown up version … but you can still sit on it and ride it if you desire.  There’s a big kid in all of us right?

Vibrantly coloured and with a cool design, the Jurni was created to cover all the hand luggage based needs of a young traveller, with easy access compartments, segmentation, wheels and expansion packs for extra features.

I was lucky enough to test my own Jurni on a recent trip to Ireland, and here’s a little bit about how I got on, and some more info on the Jurni itself.

  • Pack It

urni ultimate sit on hand luggage

  • Pop It

Jurni ultimate sit on hand luggage

  • Rock It

Jurni Rock It


OK so that was a little bit of the story behind the Jurni, but what are the specifics?  How is this piece of hand luggage different to any other on the market?

The below gives a really good outline of all the feature which the Jurni packs in.  The technology and thought behind the design is really quite incredible.

Jurni Features


Cabin Luggage – Carry-on approved, meets IATA

Dimensions –  20” x 14” x 8” / 50 x 35 x 20 CM

Weight – 7.3 lbs / 3.3 Kg

Capacity – 25 ltr (23 ltr body & 2 ltr pod)

Seat Load – Max seating weight 220 lbs / 100 Kg

Body Material – Impact resistant polypropylene

POD material – Durable plastic composite

Warranty – 5 years

Jurni specifications

Design and Colours

The design of the Jurni is based around functionality.  In designing and building this next generation of hand luggage, there were 3 key issues that the team would looking to address.

  • Airports are getting more crowded resulting in long queues and lack of seating
  • The majority of people travel with mobile tech & need quick instant access to it
  • Hand Luggage lack’s functionality and usability once at your destination

In order to create a super-strong but incredibly light structure (called the i-Beam) and it’s patented design, which can take up to 220lb (100kg) of sitting load, hours were spent in the design studio where various ideas were brainstorms, tested and collaborated on.  The result as you can see, is pretty nice!

Jurni ultimate sit on hand luggage

Nestled in the top of the jurni is a brightly coloured, splash proof, easy access pod. I found this the ideal space to keep passports and flight documents when moving through the various parts of the airport.

The pod also fully detaches from the Jurni, and while I did not utilise this function personally, the website shows that the pod might be used to take certain items from your luggage down to the pool. It’s a clever idea!

Jurni ultimate sit on hand luggage

The case itself is robust, but easy on the eye at the same time. To some it could appear bulky, but the jurni is designed to take the rough and tumble of a teenagers travels. Based upon my somewhat clumsy ways between the ages of 13-19, I would argue that the hands of a teenager aren’t always the most delicate.

Jurni ultimate sit on hand luggage

Open up the Jurni and you are greater with 25 litres of packing space. This space can be split in half using the movable, coloured shelf. I was a fan of this feature as it helped me keep dirty shoes and easing separate from clean clothes over the course of my trip. The space inside the Jurni can be utilised and organised further should you choose to purchase the additional organiser kit. The organiser kit is 1 of 3 additional add on’s that are available to purchase at extra cost.

Jurni Accessories


While your Jurni is a robust piece of kit, if a part or piece were to sadly break, your Jurni is designed in such a way that a replacement part can easily be sourced and clipped into place where the now broken part once stood.

Jurni sit on

Personally I was worried about breaking the Jurni when sitting on it, clue – I’m not the lightest.  However, as per below, no parts needed replacing.  Win!

Sit on the Jurni

Room For Improvement?

The only part of the Jurni I struggled with were some the wheels (there are 4 in total). I say that because the two wheels in question, rather than being where 2 corners meet, are slightly off centre, and where they off centre there comes a point where the Jurni will tilt to an angle where the wheels no long free role and the bottom of the Jurni scrapes along the floor. This is what happened with me, essentially I was a bit too tall and the angle at which I was rolling the case was too acute.

Now the Jurni is aimed at teenagers and young travellers, not 6ft 2′ tall 32 year olds, so I hope not too many other people will experience this.

Of course there are also 2 other methods of carrying your Jurni (handle or secondary set of wheels), so there are alternatives/contingencies.

My Verdict

The Jurni is certainly a cool looking, modern, robust piece of hand luggage. It’s capacity of 25 litres is also fairly generous, and overall I would say that I was very impressed with the product.

As mentioned, I think I was a bit too tall for the Jurni in some senses, but then on the flip I’m not 100% the target market.  As a piece of hand luggage for teenagers and young travellers I can see the Jurni really doing quite well, especially when considering the success of the Trunki (remember when the guys on Dragons Den turned the Trunki down? – What a mistake!)

The design speaks volumes of the wants and needs of young travellers today, and of airport security and current hand luggage regulations. While I refuse to travel with a laptop or tablet, I could appreciate the pod simply because it gave me easy access to my travel documents.  In fact the easy access pod might have been my favourite feature, but overall there was little to dislike about any of the Jurni’s other features … except the wheels, but thats just me being tall an awkward.

Aside from the Trunki, hand luggage is not often distinguishable.  The Jurni might just change that.  Don’t quote me on this, but don’t be surprised if you see one than one Jurni next time you’re in departures.


RRP £79.99

Where can I get one?

Interested in getting yourself a Jurni? Simply head over to the brand spanking new official website.


My Jurni was supplied by the good folks at for this review. As always though, the opinions contained within this review are very much my own.

Jurni sit on hand luggage