The Hub by Premier Inn @ Westminster is nicely located just around the corner from some of my work offices, so the irony of being invited to view this new location and check out the Hub facilities on a week when was not in work was not lost on me.

Even so, I was excited to be given the opportunity to check out another new pod type hotel, before it opened to the general public.

Located in the heart of central London, the Hub is just a minutes walk from St James’ Park Underground station, and maybe a 10 minutes walk from Westminster station (Map below). Essentially you are smack bang in the middle of London town.  A brand new hotel with modern design, immersed within our (my) historic capital.

  • Westminster Abbey – 6 mins walk
  • Big Ben – 8 mins walk
  • Buckingham Palace – 11 mins walk
  • Trafalgar Sq – 17 mins walk

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster


So to check-in at the Westminster Hub, and one of two small kiosks whereby you enter you reservation number and personal details.  A correct set of data entered into the kiosk will then lead to a prompt on screen to place one of the key cards onto a reader (similar to the process with E-passports).  This process will programme you key and allow you to access all the necessary areas of the Hub, including, and most importantly, you room.

Before we get to the rooms though, lets just take a minute to appreciate the giant map of the area behind the kiosks, and the real time travel information being displayed.  Very handy and certainly a great idea!

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster

The Lounge

After check-in the immediate temptation may be to run upstairs (or get the lift) and check out the rooms, but just around the corner from the check-in kiosks is the lounge area, and this is well worth checking out before heading to the lifts.

The lounge is just that, a lounge (the giant sign is a subtle hint).  It’s a social space with in the Hub, and a very nice one! It certainly gives the Qbic a run for its money.

It also reminded me fondly of a hostel in that, as mentioned, it is a social space, not just a kind of lobby area – the type you’d find in a more traditional hotel.  The type you’d hardly ever spend any time in.

The lounge is also where you’ll take breakfast in the morning, should you choose to indulge.  Sitting back in one of the big, cosy armchairs you can take your pick from porridge, fruit, yoghurt etc.  Or, should it be a little later in the day, this is also the area you can sit with friends (new and old) and sup on a beer or glass of wine.  Boardgames and books are also provided for your entertainment.

It really is a cool area, and no doubt you’ll also take a liking to the tablets at each table.  These offer a range of information about the Westminster Hub itself, the surrounding area including attractions, and also a couple of games to keep the little ones happy.

Hub by Premier Inn Westminster

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster

The Room

Now to the rooms, and the really good stuff!

Upon exiting the lift and locating your room, you’ll notice a fancy looking electric panel at the door side.  This system replaces the traditional cardboard hanger with ‘do not disturb’ scrawled on it.  Even at this point my techy senses were tingling.

A swipe of your card and upon entering you room your initial response will probably be along the lines of ‘small’, and thats not too far from the truth, but the use of the space in this room is grand designs esq, and the tech that powers the room like something from the gadget show.

Those are two very good shows BTW.

Moving on.

So my room wasn’t massive, but that was no bad thing, and despite the size it certainly packed a punch.  The lovely bright lighting also helped give the room a nice cosy, but not constricting feel.  The lovely big map of London hanging over the bed topped off what is a very easy pleasing design.

So let’s just quickly run through what each room includes …

  • Super comfy matress
  • Free Wifi
  • Aircon
  • Multiple light settings
  • USB sockets
  • HDMI sockets
  • Smart TV with freeview and a selection of recent movies
  • Waterfall shower
  • Expandable desk
  • Hairdryer
  • Towels
  • Mini wardrobe
  • Bottle opener :)

… that’s quite a lot, and tech fans such as myself will take great pleasure in being able to operate the lights and aircon using our smartphones and the Hub by Premier Inn app.  Even if you haven’t got the app, there is a very satisfying control panel at the head of the bed, and at the foot of the bed sits a great 40″ smart TV which will bear your name. It’s those little touches.

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster

My nights sleep was definitely comfortable, although I stayed up later than I should have done watching the free movies.  Taller individuals such as myself might also have to sleep at an angle so not to have our toes hanging out the end of the bed, but as above, the mattress was very comfy.

In the morning was shower was spot on.  No issues with hot water, and plentiful towels were provided.

I can’t say I used the hair dryer, wardrobe, desk or bottle opener, but I imagine the would have been used had I stayed more than the one night.  The under storage bed under the bed was perfect for my little overnight bad, there was certainly room to spare under there.

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster

Best views in the world – City edition

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster

It’s not often I stay in a London hotel, but this was a pleasant night spent up town.  If you can bag one of these rooms at £40 a night they are a bargain, especially in London!

The facilities were spot on, and I really liked the design and feel of the place.

Location wise you’d struggle to find anywhere more central at a similar sort of price hotel wise.  A private room at a hostel could run you close, but if you’re a hotel (and privacy) kind of person I think the Westminster Hub will suit you down to the ground.

In case you hadn’t already guessed, its a thumbs up from me for the Westminster Hub, and a big thank you to them guys at Premier Inn for inviting me along for a sneak preview.

Should I ever go back to Edinburgh, I’d be sure to check out the Hub locations in the Scottish capital.

Price, Address and other misc info


  • From £40.00 a night (depending upon room size)
  • Breakfast is £4 per person


  • 15 Dacre Street, Westminster, London, SW1H 0DJ

Transport and local information:

  • St James’s Park tube station 2 mins walk
  • Westminster Abbey 0.3 miles
  • Big Ben 0.5 miles
  • Buckingham Palace 0.5 miles
  • Trafalgar Square 1 mile

Other info:

  • Check-in: from 2pm
  • Check-out: by 12pm
  • Wheelchair accessible


Hub by Premier Inn @ Westminster

The Hub by Premier Inn Westminster