The Transfagarasan Highway … 

Seat belt
Press play on epic soundtrack
Hit record on the GoPro
1 last haribo in the mouth
Mirror again
and Maneuver


That is how a roadtrip done in my opinion, and that is how I intend to spend the greater part of the next 4 days whilst driving the Transfagarasan Highway through the Fagaras mountains in Romania.  Just like the soundtrack I have complied, it is going to be epic.

Its a funny thing, that I am off on this incredible journey with 3 people who, truth be told, I didn’t even know 18 months.  Being a blogger in London is pretty awesome for meeting new people, and luckily, through a variety of networking events (Travel Massive being my fave), I have managed to meet more than a few awesome people who I can now call friends, and can arrange in amazing trips with.  Enter @backpackermacca @thecounterintui and @PeterChurchill7 for this trip. #TravelLads

Anyway, back to the roadtrip at hand, and its epicness (according to microsoft word, ‘epicness’ isnt actually a word, but I’m using it anyway).  So yeah, 4 lads in a small car on the side of a remote eastern European mountain, what could possibly go wrong?  Potentially everything, but I prefer to look at the positives, the main of which is that we’re going to be driving along what has been described by some as ‘the best road in the world’.

Let that sink in for a moment – THE BEST ROAD IN THE WORLD.

Its a pretty bold statement, but watch the video of Clarkson and co from Top Gear driving the very same road, and try telling me that it doesn’t look all kinds of incredible.  I’ll do a full write up on the drive when I get back, but here’s a stat to wet your appetite – it took 6000 tons of dynamite used to make the Transfagarasan road.  BOOM!

So a full write up (and video) is to come, but for now you’ll have to make do with my usual array of instagram photos.  They should be even more LIVE than usual owing to a portable wireless interview device I’ve been given to test out for a few days.  As per the norm, my instagram snaps will appear in both the grid and on the separate map below.  If nothing else, it will allow my mother to keep a track of where I am, but I hope you guys like the photos too.  See/speak to you when I get back.

P.S. Once we’ve delivered the car back to the rental company in Bucharest via a night in Brasov, we’re then taking the overnight train to Sofia for another night there.  So dont be surprised if you see a few photos from Bulgaria below too.