Although travel blogging can be hard work at times, especially whilst also balancing a 9-5, let it be said that it is not without some serious perks!

The perkiest of all those perks in my book is the friends that you’ll inevitably make through the travel blogosphere.  They might not all be bloggers themselves, some may agents, marketers, social media ninja’s or PR peeps, but owing to a shared love of wandering the globe, it is only a matter of time before you make some very good friends and invariably set out together to explore new parts of the world together.  #Win

So, with the above in mind, it is today that I find myself bound for the middle east with not only my my usual travel companion (the mrs), but also two two new (ish) friends made through bloggings, sirs @thetravelpop and @petechurchill .  It is a trip hastily put together, and at virtually the last minute.  Booked through fear of missing out on cheap flights (easyjet are ceasing their flight route from London to Amman effective mid 2014, as broken to us by another blogging made buddy –, and due to an expiring visa within our party.  Thankfully we’ve found a way to make it work though and I couldn’t be more excited!

So, the middle east, Jordan more specifically.  I will assume you guessed as much owing to not so clever, yet accurate title of this post.  I know what you’re thinking, bloggers in Jordan will equal 101 photos of Petra soon to be hitting my social media feeds.  Well I guess you’re right to an extent, who in their right mind wouldn’t upload a photo or two of Petra? But, Petra won’t make up 100% of our trip, far from it in fact.  I won’t give it all away now, but owing to some hasty research, solid advice and the odd tip off (A tip of the hat to another travel blogging buddy –, I think our wee group will be taking in one or two destinations within Jordan that I haven’t yet seen covered by too many other bloggers.   So keep you’re eyes peeled on the below to see where exactly where we end up on our week long adventure.  Additionally if you have any Jordan travel tips of your own that you’d love to share with us/others, please feel free to leave them below in the form of a comment.  Cheers!