Its 4am on a Friday morning and I am awake. There can be only two reasons for this …

1) I am still yet to go to bed after a late Thursday night
2) I am catching an early flight

… it probably isn’t difficult to guess which is the correct scenario. In 5 short (ish) hours I shall be touching down in Bologna, Italy. A couple of weeks ago I received a lovely email that informed me that I’d been selected to spend 3 nights in Bologna with a guest as a part of the current Bologna Welcome (@bolognawelcome) #freesocialmediatrip initiative. Essentially I am paying for my stay through my social media based coverage of the weekend. Its a sweet deal and I was very lucky to be chosen.

About BolognaWelcome

Bologna Welcome is the tourist information service of the city of Bologna.

According to the Protocol for Tourism Promotion signed by the Municipality of Bologna, the Chamber of Commerce and the Province of Bologna in December 2010, the “Bologna Welcome” project aims at creating a joint promotion of Bologna and its surroundings through the co-management of strategically-located tourist information offices to welcome tourists and visitors, and through the city tourism portal