Solo travel, and/or solo backpacking, to tell you the truth I’ve almost forgotten what its like. I’m struggling to think of the last time I travelled for any length of time on my lonesome. Maybe 2010 whilst InterRailing, but that was only for 4 days, after which I met up with a few friends in Vienna. Before that it was Australia 2007, exploring Sydney and the gold coast. Oh dear god that was a long time ago.

For the past few years I have travelled with a least one other person in my company, whether that be my better half or a group of mates.  I’ve always had someone to lean on and at the same time, I could be lent on if needed.  If there was a problem, it was shared, halved.  Likewise it would have two or more minds working to resolve said problem. But not this week, nope, this week I am back on my own again and I am not afraid to admit that I am a little nervous about it all.

Solo backpacking in Bosnia

So Bosnia and Herzegovina in winter, not the usual I guess.  Most blogs and reports I’ve read have been based around visiting in the summer time and how beautiful both Mostar and Sarajevo look under a summer sky.  That may be true, but whilst I am buzzing at the thought of visiting both of the cities (that’s the plan by the way –> fly into Sarajevo, spend two nights there, get the train to Mostar, two nights there, then get the train back to Sarajevo for three more nights), the main reason for my solo voyage to Bosnia is for the snow that hopefully covers the mountains surrounding Sarajevo.

I like snowboarding, its one of my new favourite things, but with that said I’m not willing to pay the earth to partake.  I cringe at the prices quoted for a week in Paris or Austria.  Truth be told I’m simply not good enough at boarding to be able to appreciate what the mega expensive resorts of Europe have to offer.  I’m cool with a few twisty blues and minimal drag lifts.  In effect I am a budget boarder, and as such last year I managed 4 night in Bansko (Bulagria) for £350.  This year I’m hoping to go one better in Bosnia, although this time I have 7 nights to budget for.

So, as with any trip I take nowadays, I’ll be uploading photos on the go, live coverage if you will.  If you want to tag along and see how I get on with solo backpacking and budget snowboarding in Bosnia, just keep an eye on my facebook page , or even this page itself, as new photos will pop up within the two widgets below over the course of the week.  Naturally a full write up will be posted upon my return, but this should hopefully keep you entertained in the mean time.  See you on the other side … should I survive on my tod.