Copenhagen, my reward for one seriously tough August (work wise), but I made it through the month and into September, yay me!  My reward for silly hours spent working with spreadsheets, contract documents, emails and databases … a little trip to Denmark. I’m totally overcome by both relief and happiness right now.


So to Denmark, and more specifically the capital city of Copenhagen.  It’ll be my very first time in both Denmark and Copenhagen, and my very first time taking part in a digital scavenger hunt, which is predominantly what the next few days will entail.  To be honest I don’t know a whole lot of in depth detail about the hunt, just that I am 1 of 10 Copenhunters who will be set 10 different challenges over the course of the weekend by our hosts Visit Denmark and Generator Hostels.  An amazing weekend that is looking a little bit like this …


Thursday (today):

Today, once I land and check in at the Generators hostel, I have the entire afternoon to explore at my own pace, before attending a meal in the evening.  I’m thinking I might nip to the Carlsburg brewery.


Tomorrow morning I’m booked on a Segway tour (can’t wait, I loved my segway tour of Paris), and then taking part in an Instagram-Walk in the afternoon. All the while I am to be participating in the scavenger hunt.

In the evening  indulge in delicious Danish delicacies and play a game of boules in Copenhagen’s very first petanque bar at Generator Hostel Copenhagen.


Saturday I’ll continue on my scavenger hunt, whilst also taking a canal tour and then visiting the Tivoli Gardens before dinner.


I believe I have a bit more free time before I fly home, so maybe a bit more scavenger hunting.


And so to the instagram photos, the photos I’ll be uploading as a part of my scavenger hunt. As per usual and via internet wizardry, any photos I upload to my Instagram account whilst I’m exploring Copenhagen will also magically end up here on this very page.  Hopefully you’ll like them, and feel a little more encouraged to visit Copenhagen yourselves. On the other hand, if you have already been to Copenhagen and have any tips or recommendations, please shout them out, they’d be great to hear.  Cheers!