So the second, and final part of my hunt for the Northern Lights takes place in Iceland. Once again as you read this I will be either on a plane to Reykjavik, or already there.

We’ve found ourselves a little apartment in the town centre to call home for the three nights we’re in town.  At least one of those nights we’ll spend looking for those oh so pretty lights in the sky.  But when not looking up towards to stars we’ll be taking in the sights of Reykjavik, taking a tour of the Golden Circle, maybe partaking in a spot of whale watching and then finally on the way home we have a trip to the Blue Lagoon planned.  It’ll be a busy couple of days, but we’re so excited to visit Iceland.

Sound interesting?  You can follow our every step (pretty much) just be checking back to this page every so often.  Real time photos will magically update in the widgets below.  Amazing stuff!

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