Oh hello Basilicata, didn’t see you there, lurking in the south, on the instep of the boot, away from the likes of Milan, Venice, Rome and Florence.  No litterally, I did not see you there.  Who are you?  Where did you come from?

I wont lie, before the start of the year I knew little of Basilicata, and to be totally honest I had never even heard of the area.  Whilst I was lucky enough to visit Italy twice last year, I’ve always seen it as a country I’ll explore later in life … y’know, because its so close to the UK.  As a result, my Italian geography isn’t all that great.

Lucky for me then that such things as familiarization trips exists, and that I have been lucky enough to be given an invite for one.  Yep, I’m off to Basilicata … as if you hadn’t already guessed.

Actually, by the time you read this, I will most probably already have arrived.

So whats the plan?

So its 4 days and 3 nights.  Flying from London to Bari, and then back again obviously.

Over the course of those 4 days our itinerary involves a festival that involves a 15km hike, staying overnight in a cave hotel, flying down the worlds fastest zip line, a tour of a ghost town, a cooking lesson and a spot of sailing.  It all sounds pretty cool, but I’m especially looking forward to the ghost town and zip line.

Our route is said to look a little bit like this …


Who else is going?

Sadly this is one trip I shall not be taking with my better half, she will be back in London enjoying the English summer sun/rain.  However I shall not be alone on this trip, just check out this stellar cast of travel buddies who are also along for the ride and who I get to hang out with.


The ‘live’ bit

So if you’re a regular visitor to this site (I think there may be one or two of you other than my mum), you’ll know that I do one of these posts each time I go away.  If you’re new here, here’s the deal.  Bascially there are two widgets below that will display my photos taken from my mini tour of Basilicata.  Via internet wizardry they will rip all the photos from my instagram account that use a certain hashtag.  They’re ripped in real time, so as a I post they populate, hence the use of ‘live’.

One of the widgets will show each photo on a map so you can see exactly where in Basilicata they were taken.  The other widget will simply show much larger versions of each of the photos.  Clever eh?!  In fact there should already be a few photos on show.  I hope they’re good and I hope you enjoy the updates.

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