Auschwitz is without doubt the most harrowing place i’ve ever been to!  I cant imagine what fully happened within the wire fences and brick buildings of these concentration camps although our guide tried his best to describe the scenes and living conditions to us, and walking into the gas chamber made me feel physically sick to the point where I had to leave the main tour group (I wasn’t the only one).

Auschwitz is an eerie, scary, sickening and arguably forever haunted place which now educates those of us that were lucky enough not to be around during the war.  What I learnt however shocked me to my core and stirred emotions I never knew I had.  To see bullet holes in the walls where executions took place, to witness the masses of hair and shoes from those who had their lives brutally taken, to walk through the towering gateway and down the infamous railway, its all a lot to take in and quite hard to believe.

The theme for this weeks #frifotos was black and white. Its hard to say that this is my best black and white picture, I’m unsure you can express anything about Auschwitz in a positive manor, its a place of great suffering and sadness.  This is a picture that makes me think more than anything … I’m really quite lucky!


Auschwitz concentration camp