Owning a GoPro is a wonderful thing. These tinee tiny action sports camera’s are amongst the best out there if you’re looking to film your antics whilst on the road. I personally took the plunge in the spring of this year and parted with my hard earned cash in exchange for one of the new Hero 3 series. I went for the White Version, the lowest spec of the Hero 3 range.

Whilst being the lowest spec of the Hero 3 range, the camera is still a very powerful tool. With a specs like these …

  • 1080p30/960p30/720p60 fps
  • 5MP / 3 fps Burst
  • Wi-Fi Built-In
  • Wi-Fi Remote + App Compatible


… I can still obtain footage of some awesome stuff and make a few cool travel videos of my own. Above the White version sit the Silver and Black versions. They boast more filming options and a high MP count when taking stills, but so far I have found the White version to more than meet my needs.

So to the tips, they’re only small in number, but before being solved they bugged the hell out of me for months on end, so I hope you find them just as useful.

1. Turn Cellular Data off if you want to use the GoPro App.

I spent ages trying to get the GoPro
App to recognise my GoPro camera. Meticulously checking that I had followed the software update procedure (necessary if you are to use the app) correctly. I downloaded and deleted the app over and over in the hope that a new version might suddenly spark it into life, but all to no avail. Then, whilst scrawling through the endless GoPro articles, videos and message-boards on the web I saw that someone had once upon a time suggested to another individual struggling with the app that they should try turning Cellular Data off on their iphone. What did I have to lose if I were to give it a try myself? … low and behold it only sodding worked :)

Why it doesn’t tell you to do this on the app I will never know, maybe a bit of an oversight, or maybe it does say it and I’m just as blind as a bat. Either way, Cellular Data off = GoPro app on.

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2. Empty your trash whilst your GoPro is still connected to REALLY delete those old files

I have a 32Gb micro SD card in my GoPro, I should therefore have upwards of 6hrs worth of filiming capability at 1080AP. Whilst in Asia and filming my Loas and Cambodia office escape video however I noticed that despite deleting my old clips that were no longer needed, no extra space was being freed up on the SD card. Why not? I attached my Hero3 to a PC and made sure that any hidden files were made visible and that they were also deleted, but still the memory on my camera continued only to shrink. Whats up with that?

The answer, is annoyingly simple but not overly obvious. Both Macs and PCs have trash cans for deleted items, simply moving old GoPro clips to the trash can will not see them deleted from your camera. In order to have them removed from your GoPro you will also need to empty that trash can whilst your GoPro is still connected.

Haven’t got a GoPro yet?

That’s cool, they’re not cheap, but I must admit to loving mine with a passion. Owning this wonderful underwater camera is a good thing, though i also have to admit it’s not cheap. They’re called action sports camera’s, but I have been using mine for everyday travel experiences such as walking through markets and diving into waterfalls. They also take cool photos with a fish eye type lens. If you’re interested at their capabilities in the hands of a relative newbie, check out some of my 1st year efforts below :)