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I’m quite a big fan of these ‘my best of, pass it on posts’ that seem to pop up every now and then, but when they do pop up I always wonder if each is going to be the last one, surely there’s only so many of them that cant do the rounds .. wrong!  Each time i’m proved wrong and someone thinks up a totally epic new one, like this one from TravelSupmarket – Capture the Colour. I love colour i’d like to think my t-short collection reflects that,  and I also think that if we injected a bit more colour into  our lives it might make us all that bit happier.  What do you think?

Like @Chrystal_clear (  and  @iBackpackSlice ( who notimated me to take part in the post series, I’m not only posting my chosen photos, but entering them in a competition to win 1 of 5 Ipad3’s and £2000 cash.  Thanks Travel Supermarket.  Each colour category has its own judge and obviously the judges favourites take home the prizes.

And so to the judges, what a freakin lineup …

  • Ken Kaminesky of Ken Kaminesky Blog
  • Abi King of Inside the Travel Lab
  • Dave & Deb of The Plant D
  • Christine Gilbert of Almost Fearless
  • Daniel Nahabedian of Canvas of Light


Check their sample entries for some jaw dropping inspiration @ – capture the colour

… and here’s mine, along with my diary entries from the time of taking the pictures.


Spot X – East Coast Australia.

Setting out from Sydney, our buses first port of call for said surf lesson and nights stop over was a place called Spot X.  Its located in a National Marine Park north of Coffs Harbour, but still south of Byron Bay.  The Spot X set up is pretty tight.  Several huts make up the accomdation and there is a nice open eating area.  The beach isnt too far away at all, and camp fires of an evening are quite a regular occurance.

capture the colur, blue, spot X australia


The Tongariro Crossing – Taupo, New Zealand

The day started pretty early, too early for breakfast at least, but we thought that there must be food available somewhere in the national park, at a gift shop maybe … if only.  My then girlfriends and I had to do the 7 hr hike with only an apple and a small packet of crisps between us.  This is not advised!

There was snow on the ground as we started our trek, but as per usually proceedure, once we were up to speed layers had to come off.  The first few hours we just seemed to be climbing, very little was said as all our enegy was put into pumping our legs up and over the the combination of gravel and huge bolders.

But once we had pumped our legs, hauled ourselves over seeminly endless ridges, these are the kind of views that filled our eyes.  The smell of sulpher also stung the nostrils and you could at times see the gases escpaing from the around our feet, the lakes in sight were an emerald/green colour as a result.  It was almost sensory overload, but it was beautiful to say the least!

capture the colour green, tongariro crossing, new zealand


The Cliffs of Moher – County Claire, Republic of Ireland

We visited the cliffs on day 6 of our roadtrip around Ireland.  The €6 admission was well worth it!  The cliffs were amazing, if not a little windy.  A great view can be obtained from the O’Brian tower, although this costs extra.  The visitors centre was also excellent.  We were particuarly impressed by the 3d cinema room in which you were taken on a tour of the cliffs through the eyes of a seagull and fish.

capture the colour yellow, cliffs of moher



The Cultural Triangle – Sri Lanka

Friday morning we set off for the cultural triangle. A weekend of history, skeptical. We stopped off at four places over three days. First was Dambulla, followed by Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya. It was mostly all centered on the Buddha and current Buddha’s rituals and beliefs. Some of the temples were pretty amazing and the art work astounding! The guides we had were also pretty funny, one thought he was a comedian, and loved his jokes so much he told them over and over. What’s the definition of an Archeologist? One crack pot looking for another crackpot, don’t think Peter Kay is losing too much sleep.

capture the colour white, cultural triangle


Dubrovnik – Croatia

It was awesome having such a great view over the old town, and the old town in Dubrovnik was even more gobsmacking (I may reconsider this adjective later) than Splits. Being so high above the old town only meant one thing though, STAIRS. Obviously it was ok walking down to the old town, but walking back up the stairs after a big fat dinner was a challenge and a half. By the end of our time in Dubrovnik we would all be sporting so seriously ripped calf muscles.

capture the colour red, dubrovnik
So there you have it, those are my entries.  I imagine the standard within the competition will be mega high, but those are some of my best, so fingers crossed FTW.

As with most posts of this ilk, I have to nominate 5 other travel bloggers to submit their entries, so here they are …

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Good luck guys, cant wait to see your entries.  The deadline is 29th August 2012