Bansko is a ski resort located in south west Bulgaria. You’ve probably heard me yapping on loads about it over the past few weeks. I went, I snowboarded, I filmed, I blogged, I instagramed and then I bombed your twitter feed with all of the above. You’ll have done well to avoid it.

Whilst in Bansko I decided to take the hit on roaming charges so that I could produce a real time instagram blog post on my trip. Click the link to check it out, and if you’re interested I get my code for the widgets from a site called Snapwidet.  Its free, just Google it.

I have brain freeze this morning and feel i’m beating around the bush a little so i’ll try get to the point.  This weeks ‘pic of the week’ is actually a cheat as it contains two pics.  I just wanted to highlight my real time instagram process, so here’s a pic of me taking an instagram in Bansko and of course the finished result.